2016 National Pavement Expo to Offer Pre-Convention “Boot Camp”

The full-day event, conducted by Brad Humphrey, will take place in advance of the 2016 NPE in Charlotte.

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National Pavement Expo will host a full-day leadership “boot camp” in advance of the 2016 NPE in Charlotte. Conducted by Brad Humphrey, Pinnacle Development Group, the “Boot Camp Plus: Taking the Next Step in Leadership” will be held from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 26. (The regular NPE event runs Jan. 27-30.) 

Allan Heydorn, conference manager, says NPE decided to offer this day-long interactive session because of the success of other NPE leadership sessions and because contractors indicated on evaluation forms that they wanted advanced leadership training. “There has always been intense interest in leadership seminars and workshops at NPE so we are offering this opportunity for industry leaders to up the ante where their leadership efforts are concerned,” Heydorn said. “This is an interactive session that will help experienced leaders take their leadership efforts to the next level.” 

Registration for the Boot Camp Plus is limited to 100 participants. Cost is $395 in advance, which covers the session, morning and afternoon snacks and lunch. The description of the session is:   

Boot Camp Plus©: Taking the Next Step in Leadership 

Pinnacle Development Group’s Construction Leadership Boot Camp© is one of the most successful leadership training workshops in the construction industry, having helped thousands of construction owners and leaders improve and fine-tune their leadership skills over the past 10 years. Now, NPE welcomes Brad Humphrey’s highly regarded Boot Camp Plus© to help contractor leaders reach yet another level in their development.  This special one-day leadership workshop, created especially for Pavement Maintenance Contractors and their leaders, will provide a positive learning environment through an energetic and highly active (and interactive!) format. Those participating in Brad’s Boot Camp Plus© day-long focus on leadership training will learn: 

  • How to cast your vision to your field workers
  • How to develop credibility and integrity in your leadership
  • Clock management: how to take control of your time
  • How to make better decisions … on the run!
  • Succession planning: how to build your legacy by developing your replacement

Plus, you’ll take home “Secrets of Effective Feedback” you can put to work as soon as you get back to the office! 

Who should attend Boot Camp Plus©?

Any paving or pavement maintenance contractor owner or employee leader who is more “seasoned,” in need of a personal “tune-up,” or in need of a leadership “refresher.”  

Brad’s Boot Camp Plus© drives developing the construction leader from the “inside-out.” You’ll improve and refocus your personal leadership vision and develop the confidence to take on the toughest on-the-job situations and engage in a positive manner with the most challenging people. Contractors, material providers, and equipment manufacturers need leaders who are confident in their leadership and who can lead others to greater performance, too – so this Boot Camp Plus© can benefit anyone in a leadership role. 

Due to the intense leadership issues addressed in this full-day session, it is recommended for those contractors and construction leaders truly committed to “raising their game” and becoming more effective leaders of people.  Brad Humphrey will be making this presentation, bringing with him his energetic and “close and upfront” construction wisdom to those in attendance.  

Remember: “Leaders who perspire to learn inspire those who earn!” 

Registration for the Boot Camp Plus and all other NPE 2016 sessions will be open in July at www.nationalpavementexpo.com.