Examples of Working Together

Last month, for the second year in a row, we used National Pavement Expo to present awards to four contractors for outstanding work, one contractor for his "good neighbor" efforts, and six individuals for their contributions to the paving & pavement maintenance industry. These are our annual Pavement Awards and we use much of this issue to highlight each recipient and the work they did that resulted in recognition.

We start on page 14 with our Contractor of the Year, U.S. Pavement Services, and on page 18 with our Sweeper of the Year, C & L Sweeper Services Corp. While different in the primary work they perform, each of these two firms recognizes the value of a quality operation in which its workers are essential contributors, the importance of communication and the value of reputation. And each has taken steps within its company (and outside its company) to foster and capitalize on that reputation. Hopefully some aspects of their business will fit and help your operation.

Then starting on page 21 we highlight the recipients of our four job awards as determined by our Pavement Advisory Board. Each of these four contractors do things in their own way -- the result being a quality job that represents the industry well. And each job overcame significant challenges – time constraints, weather, logistics, design, narrow tolerances (and a combination of them). And our Board tipped its hat (page 30) to one “good neighbor” contractor who took it upon itself to right a wrong inflicted on a homeowner by a fly-by-night paver – that contractor represents our industry well..

And then we recognize six people who have helped the industry be what it is today by inducting them into the Pavement Hall of Fame. This year’s inductees represent all aspects of the industry: a business entrepreneur, a contractor, a manufacturer, an insurance exec and two consultants. No facet of the industry gets left out because we all work together toward the same goal: A growing, thriving and profitable paving and pavement maintenance industry.

Congratulations to those contractors whose work we recognized - including the runners up -- and thanks to all those who entered. We’ll open entries for the 2017 Pavement Awards in May and the entry deadline will be October 15.