WSA Sweeper Roundup in September

World Sweeping Association to hold Sweeper Roundup in Kansas City

I absolutely love the National Pavement Exposition (NPE). Each year I encourage sweeping contractors to attend and have been known to wax poetic about all they’ll be able to take home from the event.

However… As a principal organizer of the two Schwarze-family Sweeper Roundup events held in the early 1990s, I also know there is something even more valuable about having a conference entirely focused on power sweeping with all of the attendees involved in the same industry, beset with the same kinds of challenges.

At the very popular Schwarze Roundups we also had the leeway to conduct the event a bit differently, catering to the ‘hands on nature’ of sweeping contractors. Not only could they look at sweepers; they also were given an opportunity to operate them as well as see them perform during planned demonstration times.

As we will also do during the WSA Sweeper Roundup this coming September 15-17 in Kansas City, MO, I designed a fun ‘Sweeper Rodeo’ where all could participate in driving a parking area sweeper in a timed event. The Rodeos were designed with an emphasis not on picking up debris but, rather, on developing camaraderie among attendees all while having a hilariously good time.

Perhaps the most important difference this year’s inaugural WSA Sweeper Roundup will have — in contrast the 1990s events sponsored by a single manufacturer — is that all sweeper manufacturers and aftermarket vendors will be invited to attend and participate.

In addition to the usual slate of vendor discounts, WSA has become America’s fastest-growing sweeping association by offering over 250 educational articles written just for our industry. These include more than 100 podcast interviews with sweeping contractors discussing the varying factors in their success. We also provide, exclusively to WSA Members, two informational email updates per month. Now, we couldn’t be more proud to raise the bar even higher by organizing America’s first-ever, independent gathering tailored to power sweeping contractors.

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