PCTC Launches Education Campaign

PCTC Launches "Be Informed. Seal Success." Education Campaign

Just in time for the National Pavement Expo and its attendees, PCTC has launched its new “Be Informed. Seal Success.” educational campaign.

“Be Informed. Seal Success.” is a public education program that provides resources that businesses can use to raise consumer and government awareness about the benefits of pavement coating and to battle misinformation. The web page, which is hosted on PCTC’s website, includes an overview of the initiative and links to resources, including thought leadership articles, education resources and government outreach templates. Education of constituents and government representatives is critical, especially when regulations are being considered.

As a voice for our industry, PCTC felt there was a way we could help businesses large and small better articulate facts and address common misconceptions. It’s imperative that we not only educate those who are making decisions on purchasing sealcoating, but also those who are voting for local legislation. Faulty science and misinformation from advocacy groups can drive local government representatives to pass ordinances that ban the sale and use of safe and effective pavement sealants. This situation directly threatens businesses and experience has shown that local contractors often learn about local actions very late in the process.

In addition to educating customers on the value, quality and longevity of sealcoating, contractors and suppliers are also looking to educate themselves about different sealcoating products, features and benefits, as well as safe handling procedures. The site includes information on evolving technologies, regulatory developments, and new scientific data. Ever-evolving, the site currently offers downloadable graphics that include tips for cold weather pavement maintenance, benefits of pavement coating, along with easy-to-print customizable handouts to send to government officials.

Those in the industry are also encouraged to visit the website and view all of the information that is available to assist in responding to proposed local regulation. PCTC welcomes any and all ideas for future content.

To learn more, visit www.pavementcouncil.org/education