Cleaning the World One Foot at a Time

Making the environment a better place one foot of pavement at a time is what power sweepers do. What a great industry to be in. The people of this industry have got to be the best group of people you will ever meet in your life! A countless number of volunteers have put in countless hours for projects and programs that will promote the industry and bring value to each and every person in asphalt maintenance.

From the standard being written by NAPSA for power sweeping to the next phase of the Certified Sweeper Operator (CSO) program, this group has got game.

Don’t believe us?

Well we have completed the CSO for Parking Lots, which is online and have many people going to to get training ... and we are also honing in on CSO for Construction. Scott Duscher of Agua Trucks, AZ, and his task team are meeting weekly to invent that training. And when that's done we have CSO for municipalities on the radar. Won’t it be nice to have a baseline of training in the areas of construction and municipal sweeping? This is coming for 2019!

Speaking of 2019, as we write this, the NAPSA education team is preparing to meet to finalize the topics for the 2019 "Best Practices" session at National Pavement Expo Feb. 27-March 2 next year in Nashville. They have met over the past couple weeks to hash out the free education sessions and keynote address that NAPSA members have the opportunity to see and today more work continues.  See what we mean by NAPSA members have got game?

So what’s tomorrow?

Well we have to keep our calendars updated to track all of the work that is being processed. But even we can’t recall exactly what meeting is happening tomorrow, we know that the focus on the horizon is to improve the industry and the opportunities for NAPSA members and the power sweeping community. Let us know if there is something that you need help with.