NAPSA 2019 Officers

They say that time passes quickly, and it does. Over the course of the past year, NAPSA has undertaken and continued to press forward with our many challenging goals and as they say in Cincinnati, we are “rounding third and heading for home”.  Any day now, the first ever Power Sweeping Standard will have survived the three rigorous levels for approval and will be finalized.

As a result, NAPSA has turned its eyes toward creating the educational component of this very important project and is working on this important piece. We continue to refine the Certified Sweeping Operator Construction modules and they will be ready at National Pavement Expo 2019 making the second of two intense, focused training opportunities. The amount of time spent with these projects is simply staggering but the industry will benefit tremendously. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out what NAPSA has online currently, visit www.SweeperSchool.com.

NAPSA also starts the new year with a new Board of Directors and the shear knowledge base in this group is amazing. We welcome five new directors this year as well as those returning, so we are pleased to share the 2019 NAPSA Board of Directors:

President: Scott Duscher, Agua Trucks

Vice President: Chris Dick, Katsam Enterprises

Secretary: Mark Carter, Peloton Sweeping

Treasurer: Bryan Young, TYMCO Manufacturing

Past President: Pete Phillips, Clean Sweep


  • Loring Dunton, C & L Sweeping
  • Lee Miller, Pacific Sweeping
  • Nikki Kryston, Property Maintenance Services
  • Cole Watts, More Clean of Texas
  • Matt Andrews, West Michigan Sweepers
  • Chris Griffin, C & M Parking Lot Sweepers
  • Jay Presutti, East Coast Industrial Services
  • David McCaskill, AccuSweep Services
  • Greg Heyer, Old Dominion Brush
  • Jeff Old, Visual App

These power sweeping power houses have been charged with continuing the great course for NAPSA members and the power sweeping industry. It is through NAPSA that power sweeping has a community from which to grow and thrive. If you would like to find out more about NAPSA, visit our website at www.PowerSweeping.org....#powersweepingstrong

The North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) is a nonprofit association made up of contract sweepers, service providers and sweeping equipment dealers, manufacturers and suppliers. NAPSA is dedicated to providing beneficial support to the membership and enhancing services to the sweeping industry. The members of NAPSA are committed to promoting and educating the power sweeping community while enhancing the environment. For more information on NAPSA membership, please visit www.powersweeping.org or call (888) 757-0130.