Effectively Communicating the Value of Sealcoating to Customers

Pavement Coatings Technology Council recommends ways to connect with customers when communicating sealcoating's impact on expenses and sustainability


Homeowners and property managers balance several priorities when it comes to maintaining their assets. However, pavement coating may not make the top of their to-do lists, as the average person lacks in-depth knowledge about the value of treatment.

Contractors realize the importance of filling this education gap in order to resonate with clients and drive additional business. That’s why the Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC) is dedicated to helping contractors convey the benefits of sealcoating to customers. We recommend an approach that communicates the impact on expenses and sustainability and demonstrates benefits in a way that connects with customers. 

Showcase Long-Term Benefits

Customers often look for money-saving solutions, but may struggle to think long-term. Contractors can overcome this by sharing examples that showcase the overall return-on-investment that sealcoating provides. For example, a comparison of sealed vs. unsealed pavement on the Be Informed. Seal Success. portal of PCTC’s website reveals that homeowners could save $8,000 on an 18’ x 30’ driveway through a regularly-scheduled sealcoating program.

Consumers are also increasingly interested in sustainable practices. However, those who do not treat their surfaces will likely have to repave after 15 years of ownership. Property owners may be unaware that this process consumes countless resources during the removal of old pavement and the manufacture and installation of new pavement. Breaking down these cost and sustainability ramifications can make a significant difference in a client’s final decision. 

Create Memorable Analogies

Sealcoating is a foreign concept to many, and customers may not consider the effects outdoor elements have on exposed pavement. Contractors can convey the importance of protecting asphalt through applicable comparisons.

The PCTC likens sealcoating to paint protecting wood siding on a house. Contractors could also compare pavement coating to the finish on a stained surface, like a dining room table, that protects the table from deterioration. Analogies show the significance of pavement preservation by connecting with the average person, and therefore demonstrate value to indecisive customers.

Contractors can help customers make informed decisions by following the tips above. Bridging the education gap builds trust among clients, ensuring they return for future projects. By proving themselves as invaluable partners, contractors will reap the rewards.