Certified Sweeper Operator – Construction?

NAPSA developing training for construction sweeping

In 2016 we asked the power sweeping industry what their biggest challenge was and overwhelmingly it was the area of insurance and litigation claims. As a result, the North American Power Sweeping Association became laser focused on developing a program for increased training and professionalism for drivers. Enter phase I: Certified Sweeper Operator (CSO) parking lot training program. But that was so last year.

In focusing on this standardized training baseline, NAPSA realized that one size does NOT fit all with training. As a result, 2018 became the year of niche training so enter phase II: Certified Sweeper Operator CONSTRUCTION! Let the revolution begin!

NAPSA has launched CSO Construction during NPE and the results have been phenomenal. Taking the best of CSO Parking Lot, the masterminds at NAPSA led by Scott Duscher of Agua Trucks in Wickenburg, AZ and Mark Carter of Peloton Sweeping in Orange, CA, have worked with dozens of volunteers to create training for the specialized focus of construction and mill work.

Within the 70 lessons in the CSO Construction program, there is a great balance of construction focused processes along with other modules including health, people skills, paperwork, construction site management, troubleshooting construction, safety and so much more. CSO Construction has almost 40% more lessons than CSO Parking Lot which has 51.

Just like the CSO Parking Lot training, to become a Certified Sweeper Operator requires 100% completion of all online training modules, an orally proctored test as well as 1,000 hours of incident free drive time. NAPSA’s CSO programs for Parking Lot and Construction are turning the industry in the direction of higher professionalism and improved safety.

For more information on this groundbreaking training program, visit www.SweeperSchool.com or call NAPSA at 888-757-0130.