Leverage Industry Resources to Cultivate Customer Relationships

PCTC offers sealcoating tips contractors can use for marketing

Building lasting customer relationships is a goal of almost all business owners, and the foundation of building a strong relationship is to establish and communicate value. This can be especially challenging for pavement maintenance professionals when talking with property managers who may not understand the importance of sealcoating treatments. In order to bring value while building a foundation of understanding, the Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC) recommends creating or sharing educational resources that empower managers to make smart decisions about property maintenance. The following tips illustrate how to provide education and deepen connections with current and prospective customers.

Address Topics That Matter

Before designing any informational brochure, infographic or fact sheet, take a moment to think about what customers should know. Keep it simple and start with the basics! Too much technical information can be overwhelming, especially for new clients. If you’re often asked about pricing, consider designing a one-sheeter comparing costs between sealers. If customers seem more concerned about the end product, create a high-level case study showing off your best work. Anticipating customer needs will ultimately increase the likelihood of landing a sale. Begin by crafting resources that address frequently asked questions and expand your library from there.

Create a Visual Experience

With the rise of social media and online marketing, more consumers are making purchasing decisions based on visual appeal. In other words, how you present your information matters! A well-organized infographic, table or timeline is easier to digest for customers who may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of pavement maintenance. By providing facts in a format that flows, you’ll increase clients’ understanding of your service and its benefits. Looking for an easy way to educate prospects without getting bogged down by the design process? The PCTC encourages contractors to explore the Be Informed. Seal Success. page of its website, which provides professionals with premade infographics to share with customers in person and online.

Make Information Accessible

Opportunities to connect with customers face-to-face are more meaningful when supplemented by resources that clients can reference after your meeting ends. But don’t forget to make materials available online as well. Consider building a webpage dedicated to infographics, articles or brochures that may be useful to customers during the decision-making process. By cross-promoting educational pieces on social media as well, you’re likely to reach a broader audience and attract new prospects.

Sharing meaningful, visual materials with customers in-person and online can effectively build trust while reinforcing the value of pavement maintenance with customers. With the help of your resources, property owners are more likely make informed decisions that benefit your business.