Ignite This!

Ignite Construction Summit focuses on owners

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Owners (and their top-level managers) are the people tasked with figuring out how to make a company better. Whether it’s determining a new direction, hiring more people, adding new services, or just figuring out how to improve day-to-day operations to improve job quality and the bottom line – owners and managers are on the hook.

And tough as it often can be, they relish it. Figuring out the answers to the Big Picture questions are why owners choose to put in long days and longer weeks. They have a vision of the type of company they want to have. They have ideas about how a business should be run. They thrive on building something of their own – often from nothing.  

And now there’s a new educational and networking event, developed specifically for the construction industry, to help these risk takers and blue-sky visionaries take their contracting business to the next level.

The Ignite Construction Summit, Dec. 12-13 in Las Vegas, will provide numerous opportunities to network with other contractors and speakers during meet-and-greet breakfasts, lunches and receptions, and will feature seven speakers providing “how to” insights on seven critical issues affecting the running of a construction company, including:

  • How to develop “ownership thinking” in your employees, Garrett Sullivan, Sullivan & Associates
  • Identifying and developing leaders for the long term, Brad Humphrey, Pinnacle Development Group
  • How revisiting your management past can improve your leadership future, Bart Gragg, Blue Collar University
  • Understanding “inbound marketing” and how to make it work for your business, Dave Nelsen, Dialog Consulting
  • How to put “profit first!” while successfully managing your cash, Shawn Van Dyke, Shawn Van Dyke
  • The Navy SEAL approach to developing “elite team dynamics,” John Choate, SA-720 Strategies, a former Navy SEAL
  • Trends (and solutions) in construction litigation, Joshua Ferguson, Freeman, Mathis & Gary

For details on how you can light a fire under development of your company, mark your calendar for Dec. 12-13 in Las Vegas and visit www.igniteconstructionsummit.com for session descriptions, speaker bios and to register.