Utilizing Seasonal Downtime

The slower months of the year allow time to investigate ways to run your business better

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The busy summer season is coming to a close and its time for "upkeep" on all aspects of your company.

Nobody said it would be easy owning your own operation and one aspect is the need to use non-busy times of the year to work "on" your business instead of "in" it. Resist the temptation to goof off and, instead, figure out how to make your company run more smoothly in the coming busy season.

For one, now is the time to get your sweepers and other equipment in for what are probably very needed repairs. Be looking in advance for good deals on the major parts items you need. You cant make the repairs when downtime does appear if you dont already have your needed parts in stock. If good condition pre-owned parts would work, look to see whats available in the marketplace – or advertise for what you need – in an industry trade publication or website.

You might also advertise your needs on the Discussion Forum at WorldSweeper.com, where you can ask for advice and answers to your questions. There are even manufacturer-specific forums where you can ask the pros.

The winter months also allow time to investigate ways to run your business better. For its members, the World Sweeping Association offers over 100 audio podcasts – each with an accompanying article – conducted with successful sweeping contractors. WSA also offers over 250 sweeping-specific articles on a wide variety of topics, all designed to provide ways to help you run your business better.

For many contractors, the winter months are the best time to finally get a Facebook page set up, as well as LinkedIn and other social media up and operational. Be sure to link your social media from your website, which may also need some info and photo updating.

Sure, take a little break to rest and reassess. Then, invest some of that spare time on building your business!