RoadSafe Expands to the Pacific Northwest

RoadSafe Expands Industrial Services Operations to the Pacific Northwest

The Industrial Services Group of RoadSafe Traffic Systems, a provider of traffic safety services and products, has expanded traffic safety operations for utility companies and their contractors to the Pacific Northwest. New locations include the Seattle and Spokane areas in Washington and a facility near Portland, OR.

Dave Meirick, RoadSafe’s president and CEO, said the company has served the area for years using a travelling crew to provide traffic safety set-ups to large railroad customers when performing construction and maintenance work on their systems.

“We’ve never had permanent locations in the Northwest from which to operate for our railroad customers but now with an increased demand by utility companies and their contractors for work zone safety, it only made sense to open these strategically located facilities," Meirick said. "Our operations teams and traffic equipment resources are readily available for optimal traffic control in order to protect workers and the motoring public.”

Services by RoadSafe include flagging operations using automated flagger assistance devices, temporary traffic signals to reduce worker exposure on roadways, and lane and shoulder closure set-ups.