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NAPSA at NPE 2020

The past two years has been quite an evolution for the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA). As Scott Duscher says, “NAPSA has had many trains going on different tracks and they are all coming into the station at once. It’s exciting but its also overwhelming at times.” So, what did Scott mean by that? In 2020, NAPSA will launch another leg in its quest to be the industry’s leader in education but let’s recap what’s happened so far:

2017 - NAPSA becomes Standards Writer by the American National Standards Institute

2018 - NAPSA rolls out the first ever Power Sweeping Standard

2018 - NAPSA rolls out the first ever Certified Sweeper Operator online training course for Parking Lots

2019 – NAPSA rolls out the first ever Certified Sweeper Operator online training course for Construction projects

2019 – NAPSA finalizes the first ever training to the Power Sweeping Standard which will be called Certified Sweeping Manager

2020 – NAPSA will roll out our revision of the Certified Sweeping Company designation

2020 – NAPSA will roll out our first ever Fleet Fundamentals class (Just wait until you hear about this one!)

Whew! Can you see what he means by all the trains? NAPSA members have volunteered countless hours at the grindstone working to bring all these programs forward so that members and non-members alike will benefit from the collective knowledge base that NAPSA has access to. The impact of these programs all coming together is the perfect storm of education for our industry.

Why is this education so valuable? Education and documentation are the keys to the kingdom. Having an educated driver is the beginning of controlling escalating insurance costs. Having an educated sweeping manager is the key to insurance stabilization as well but also is a key in the defensibility of your company in a frivolous lawsuit. Having the Power Sweeping Standard in place at your company is a key in lawsuit defensibility as well.

Look, we know that it’s a lot to take in. That is why you need to stop by NAPSA’s booth at National Pavement Expo and talk to us. We are happy to share the paths that are coming together and look forward to meeting you. Look for booth 432 or contact NAPSA at or (888) 757-0130. Talk to ya’ soon!