Confirming the Excellence You Advertise

How a $1/hour bonus can encourage excellence in sweeper operators

I recently constructed several of the "mini web pages" that are one of the benefits our WSA members receive at's Contractor Locator as part of their membership. Using the new members' actual websites to get information, I was struck by how similar their info was to each other.

All the sites assured the reader that, should they choose to use that sweeping company, only professional, well-trained employees would be on their properties sweeping their parking lots. That’s what every parking lot sweeping customer wants, right? After all, those employees will likely be on the property when the customers are fast asleep in their beds.

I wondered, though, what kind of follow-up was being done by these contractors — or most contractors — to ensure that was the case.

This reminded me of one of the ideas that surfaced during this year’s Contractors’ Roundtable at the National Pavement Expo. Specifically, a long-time contractor mentioned that he gives a $1/hour bonus to any of his operators that:

1) arrive at work on time or before

2) finish their sweeper inspection and leave the yard within 15 minutes

3) don’t damage their sweeper all week

4) receive no service complaints from any customers all week

There was general agreement that this was a good idea. I thought so, too.

However, I then wondered what it would be like if such a plan were implemented without telling the operators the first week… Not knowing there was a $1/hour bonus in it for them, what percentage of the "professional, well-trained" workforce would just naturally do all of the above? How many wouldn’t arrive even a minute late and would then do an outstanding job all week in the other areas, all on their own?

Everyone wants to proclaim their excellence in all regards. Are your team members actually producing it?