NPE 2020: What a Hit!

NAPSA launched new certification programs at NPE 2020

As you may know, National Pavement Expo 2020 was held at Music City Center, Nashville, TN. NPE brought together over 200 leading brands from the paving and pavement maintenance sector and dozens of conference sessions. As usual, NAPSA hosted and promoted its own niche conference program in conjunction with the larger event focused at the power sweeping industry.

NAPSA’s program included a session on non-competes, non-disclosures, and exit strategies and a presentation on recovering vehicles following not-at-fault accidents among others. NAPSA members had four free training sessions.

NAPSA always has a Best Practices session and the 2020 topics included:

●      Navigating 3rd Party Provider Waters (including getting paid)

●       Route Optimization and Employee Scheduling

●       Leadership: Dictator or Held Hostage by Employees

●       Streamlining Operations and Processes (Complaints, Management, Scheduling, QC, and Technology)

●       Quality Control Management

●       Getting Safety Messages Across

●       Key Performance Indicators: Not Just for Banking

●       Deposition Skills.

You can bet that any problem you’re having is something someone else has dealt with before, which is why these sessions are held. This is where you learn from others' hard-won experience and wisdom so plan on attending Best Practices 2021!

Thursday evening saw more than 300 members and friends at the NAPSA social event of the year: Sweepers Night Out. This is THE place to be for networking.

Friday morning’s sweeper session featured keynote speaker David Freeman. He discussed practical and sustainable ways to build a high-performing culture. In case you haven’t figured it out, NAPSA always has a fantastic keynote covering concepts that affect your business with devastating consequences if not correctly managed.

In addition to a program pertinent to every NAPSA member, the association relaunched the updated Certified Sweeper Company program and two brand new programs: Certified Sweeper Manager (CSM) and Key Fundamentals, Fleet Basics. The CSM designation focus’ on training on the Power Sweeping Standard. Fleet Fundamentals targets all industry employees who are not intended to operate power sweepers, giving them the knowledge necessary to understand basic and important aspects of the industry and how they fit within it. These are in addition to our Certified Sweeper Operator programs which has been taken by hundreds of operators to date.  The overwhelming comments have been that these are positive game changing education courses and worth the effort. These courses are found at or can also be accessed at!