Certified Sweeping Company 2.0 Launched!

NAPSA Launches Updated Certified Sweeping Co. certification

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Many of you know that the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) has a Certified Sweeping Company (CSC) designation. What you may not know is how it will help sweepers, operators and customers alike in many ways.

What Exactly Is a Certification?

A certification is a third-party attestation of an individual or company’s proficiency in an industry profession. NAPSA has had its CSC program since 2004 but with the addition of the Power Sweeping Industry Standard (PSS2018) in 2018, it necessitated a change in the program to integrate those concepts. So, voila, introducing CSC 2.0!

Why Is a Certification Important?

In the power sweeping industry, NAPSA certification means that the company operators and managers have had industry specific training on the Power Sweeping Standard, management operations and power sweeping vehicle operations.

NAPSA’s SweeperSchool (www.sweeperschool.com) is the location for all power sweeping training. By completing training, companies and operators have increased efficiencies, typically greater level of responsibility and expanded skills. Quite frankly, it increases earnings capacity for the company and operators. Training of operators, managers or other staff members leads to happier employees who stick around longer which in return boosts productivity.

Certified Sweeper Operator (CSO) is focused training for operators in the areas of parking lot and construction sweeping. To be a CSO, the operator must complete the online course, pass a proctored exam and have at least 1,000 hours of incident free driving. Imagine what your insurance company will do when they find out that your drivers are CSO certified!

A Certified Sweeping Manager (CSM) has taken the CSM courses which train managers and owners on the Power Sweeping Standard (PSS2018). This is important to the company because the PSS is your first line of defense in a lawsuit. If you aren’t following the PSS, download the standard today and find out exactly where your company vulnerabilities are.

Certified Sweeping Companies have a competitive advantage if promoted.  Having a CSC designation gives clients more confidence in your business which encourages greater peace of mind! This also transfers into protection for the customers asset. What a great way to build credibility so share your accomplishment with your customers. Put your CSC designation logo on your website. Be listed on NAPSA’s Contractor Locator as a CSC designated company. These are all great marketing tools.

What Do I Have to Do to Be Certified?

To obtain a designation as a CSC, NAPSA members must annually train at least one Certified Sweeper Operator, at least one Certified Sweeping manager, adopt the Power Sweeping Standard (available at www.powersweeping.org) and complete the CSC application. The trainings plus your membership in NAPSA are the greatest way to increased protection and professionalism.

Currently NAPSA is waiving the CSC fee for anyone wanting to become CSC. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, contact NAPSA at [email protected] or (888) 757-0130.