National Pavement Expo 2021: Don’t Miss It

Free sessions to NAPSA members at National Pavement Expo 2021

National Pavement Expo and Conference 2021 promises to lure contractors and manufacturers in the power sweeping industry. After all, their business is built upon pavement.

The 2021 event will be held at Music City Center, Nashville, TN, on January 20-23, 2021. NPE brings together a proven event formula of leading brands from the paving and pavement maintenance sector and dozens of conference sessions. As usual, NAPSA will host its own niche conference program in conjunction with the larger event.

NAPSA’s program begins on Wednesday, January 20, with a session on sweeper performance at 1:00 p.m. A presentation on attitude in sales follows. Concluding the evening is an event preview held at the association’s exhibit booth (#216). Wednesday’s sessions are free to NAPSA members.

Thursday’s program begins at 9:30 a.m. with the ever-popular list of presentations addressing a variety of hot topics pertinent to NAPSA members. Topics include:

●      Utilizing Certifications and Training as your Competitive Advantage

●       Owners Guide to SweeperSchool Basics

●       Performance Assessments and Incentives

●       Business Diversification Strategies

●       Maintenance Misery: Staying Ahead of the Curve

●       Ready, Set, Lawsuit: Steps that CAN’T Be Done After the Fact

●       Sweeper Basics for Newbies

●       Leadership: Dictator or Held Hostage by Employees

Incoming President Chris Dick will moderate these discussions led by noted experts in the industry. Some may already be familiar to you. The interactive nature of Thursday morning’s program guarantees you will learn something new and relevant to your business. Thursday also includes a session on contract and liability risk at 1:00 PM.

Thursday evening brings the NAPSA social event of the year: Sweepers Night Out. This year’s revelry will be held at Omni Hotel Bar Lines and begin at 6:30. Put on your party hats!

For those who don’t party too hard Thursday evening, Friday morning’s 9:00 session features keynote speaker Traci Brown. She will discuss how to spot lies and falsification. Effective business management begins when you understand how the deck is stacked! This is a must see for anyone in business.

Friday’s program continues with the NAPSA Annual Meeting. All members are encouraged to attend and get the scoop on what the association has been doing over the past year and what the board of directors intends to do over the coming year. New board members will also be installed with a fond farewell and thank-you to outgoing board members. Open-ended roundtable discussion will follow the annual membership meeting.

Most sessions on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday require paid registration; however, NAPSA members qualify for discounted rates. Even if you don’t attend the entire NAPSA program, be sure to visit the association’s exhibit booth. Consult the NAPSA website for more information about the program and registration.