1-800 Sweeper Aids Homeless Veterans

1-800 Sweeper partners with Veterans Matter in campaign to raise finds for homeless veterans.

Vets Campaign Picture2

The 1-800-SWEEPER Foundation has partnered with Veterans Matter to help raise money for the estimated more than 40,000 veterans who are homeless.

The campaign, which runs through the Dec. 30, encourages people and companies to take "The 800 Challenge," named because it costs approximately $800 to help permanently house one veteran or veteran family. 

The effort is part of the National Homeless Veterans Housing Program, a collaborative effort with the Veterans Administration, which provides medical assistance as well as employment training for veterans in need. According to 1-800 Sweeper, the organization is not funded by any large corporation; All funding comes from donations and 100% of every donation goes toward veteran housing.

1-800 Sweeper reports that since 2012, Veterans Matter has housed more than 4,000 homeless vets and 5,987 homeless veteran families.

          For information on how to donate, visit www.veteransmatter.org/800challenge.