The Value of Membership

NAPSA reminds you that membership is more than just “nice to have.”

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The economic devastation wreaked by COVID-19 makes it impossible to avoid worry and pushes people to succumb to a mindset of retrenchment: What expenses can we cut to stretch our dwindling dollars further? What expenses are essential? NAPSA reminds you that your membership is more than just “nice to have.” Membership confers advantages and benefits that more than justify the cost of membership—they’re essential.

Certification. Everyone knows that an outside party certification is the gold standard for best practices. With NAPSA’s involvement in writing the ANSI standard for power sweeping, certification takes on even greater importance: it helps to show compliance with the industry standard. Compliance with ANSI means that it will be more difficult to bring frivolous litigation against power sweeping contractors and it boosts contractors’ defense with evidence of having followed best practices. Certification might also contribute to reducing insurance premiums. Certification is open to non-members, but NAPSA members receive a substantial discount on tuition. Check out

Lead generation. You gotta get clients from somewhere. NAPSA is the best resource to help property owners and municipalities needing power sweeping services to find contractors. If you’re not a member, your company definitely won’t show up in search results.

Insurance. Insurance for power sweeping contractors is a niche offering that not every insurance company will have. Rather than hop from broker to broker, NAPSA did the work for you through the offer of industry-specific insurance covering healthcare, general liability, property, inland marine, umbrella, and workers compensation. NAPSA members also have access to the association’s group healthcare plans through Cigna or PHCS with options for health, dental, and vision care and multiple deduction options. Check out the newest healthcare benefit NAPSA offers!

Marketing. Professional association membership confers a certain high level of expectations and assumptions. With access to NAPSA logos, videos, and marketing content, members can distinguish themselves from competitors by basking in the glory of assumed superiority. In addition, website developer Visual App offers NAPSA members discounted website design, SEO, and digital marketing services.

Supplier discounts. You need equipment, expensive equipment. Your NAPSA membership entitles you to substantial discounts on equipment produced by the industry’s top manufacturers.

The above benefits more than pay for association membership, but NAPSA sweetens the deal a little more. Where else will you find ongoing, year-round networking with industry professionals? Check out the NAPSA community on Facebook look for Power Sweeping Pros. The National Pavement Expo confers special discounts and free courses to NAPSA members to the tune of about $500. You can advertise your equipment for resale in the association’s classifieds at no additional cost. And, of course, you get their fabulous newsletter. What’s not to like?

Check out NAPSA membership now at or email NAPSA at [email protected]. It’s the best business decision you can make.