Network and Learn with Industry Experts at NPE

Registration now open for National Pavement Expo. Here is your chance ask detailed questions of experts who are eager to share their knowledge.

Npe Session
National Pavement Expo

With 2021 nearing an end, organizers at the National Pavement Expo (NPE) continue to pave the way for a return to in-person educational sessions and manufacturer exhibitions. The show is scheduled for Feb 23-26, 2022, at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC NPE offers an excellent opportunity to network, learn and visit manufacturer booths on the show floor.

Prospective attendees have no doubt seen the latest equipment on web sites, but NPE is a chance to see the latest in person and ask detailed questions of experts who are eager to share their knowledge. It’s a chance to cement relationships, build trust, and seriously consider potentially large capital expenditures.

Mike Shereck, director of Executive Coaching at Human Emergence Group, Chicago, will be heading up two educational sessions at NPE. As the head of the Mike Shereck Group, Naperville, IL, Shereck has seen the transformational nature of in-person trade shows, and he encourages those still on the fence to make the effort.

“NPE is a great structure to reconnect, re-engage and to really begin the process of moving forward in a way you never have,” said Shereck. “One of the challenges of the last two years, even if you have been working, is that many of us have been doing it alone, or at best with our teams. NPE allows us to connect and engage with others who share and live in the same environment…What better way is there to fire up and challenge oneself than to meet with, exchange and collaborate with fellow members of our industry.”

If you’re a manager, NPE attendance could well be the key to retaining talent in a highly competitive environment. Neal Glatt, owner of and managing partner of Grow The Bench is a speaker, trainer, and coach based in Providence, RI. Glatt will be tackling two multi-hour workshops on company culture and managing millennials.

“Finding people to work, and making enough money to pay them, has never been more difficult than now, and it won't be changing any time soon,” said Glatt. “Any business that is serious about succeeding needs to figure out how to start selling jobs for more money while delivering what employees really want in a job. Fortunately, the workshops that NPE has worked to develop this year will deliver tactical strategies for both.”

“Investing time, money, and effort into attending an in-person conference or expo shows that you are serious about growing your business,” adds Matt Ward, business and word-of-mouth referral consultant at Breakthrough Champion, Fort Myers, FL. “Furthermore, it means that anyone you meet at these events is just as serious. You can't get that level of commitment from your local area events, or from zoom calls. The hallway conversations alone at in-person events makes every dollar and every minute worth the investment. Trust me when I say; Now is the time to invest in yourself and your business.”

Brad Humphrey, vice president of Human Resources and Employee Development, Pavecon, Grand Prairie, TX will again be teaching at NPE and he calls attendance a “no brainer,” particularly in today’s changing environment. “While the actual laying of asphalt, sealcoating, or striping has not changed technically, everything about worker attitudes and skill development has,” said Humphrey. “It’s always been about the people, but now it seems like we’re working harder to accomplish what we thought we had mastered years ago. NPE is the perfect venue to hear insights about how to approach projects, people, and how to ensure that you’re running your business in the most productive and profitable manner. Some of the best insights may not even come from speakers but from the contractors, foremen, or equipment operators sitting next to you in class.”