LAST DAY for Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction’s 2023 Top Contractor Awards

Due to a surge in recent applications for the Top Contractor Awards, we've decided to extend the deadline to February 24th! Take advantage of this extension and the opportunity for your business to bolster its recognition in the community.

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Welcome to the Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction’s Top Contractor award, which spotlights the top contractors across the industry. This year we have a totally new and redesigned online survey to make it easier than ever for your company to be recognized for its achievements. In the lead up to our deadline, we were inundated with application, and many are still coming in. The decision was made to extend the application deadline a few weeks to give everyone a chance to catch up. The new deadline is 2/24/2023.

Each year these lists are a way of showcasing the amazing growth and success of the pavement and pavement maintenance industry.

This survey of paving and pavement maintenance contractors will help develop verifiable Top Contractor listings in each of five industry segments: Paving, Sealcoating, Striping, Sweeping and Pavement Repair.

We accept completed surveys from Dec. 12, 2022 through Feb 3, 2023 (Extended to February 24, 2023), and we promote it heavily via social media, e-mail and in the print magazine during this period. Participation is voluntary and is open to all paving and pavement maintenance contractors.

The listings will be announced in the Spring of 2023.

What we need to know:

• Gross Sales Volume for your fiscal year (FY) 2022

• A breakdown by percentage of the type of work that generated those 2022 sales

• Third-party verification of that sales total (see additional explanation at the end of the survey)

To determine whether a company qualifies for one (or more) of the five lists, we will multiply your total 2022 sales dollars by the percentage of work done in each industry segment. For example, if a contractor reports $1 million in 2022 sales and generated 40% of those sales from paving, the number used to determine qualification for the Paving Top Contractor List would be $400,000 ($1 million x 40%).

Note: No sales figures will be reported or published; sales figures are only used internally for determining each list. Also, no contractor will be eligible for the list without third-party verification of your FY 2022 Gross Sales Volume.

ALL SUBMISSIONS must be submitted electronically. CLICK HERE to access the nomination form.

CLICK HERE to view the full detailed criteria for this award.

CLICK HERE to download a pdf version of the nomination form.

CLICK HERE to view past Top Products winners. 

For questions, please contact editor Brandon Noel at [email protected]