We'll be here for you

We'll Be Here for You

If there has ever been a more uncertain time for the construction industry, and the road building business in particular, you can count on Asphalt Contractor to continue helping you navigate these trying times as we enter our 25th year of publication.

As stimulus funding winds down and we all anxiously wait for passage of a new highway bill, Washington sources reported  that the Build America Bond program was omitted from the comprise President Obama reached with congressional leaders to extend income tax cuts. The bond program has played an important role in funding infrastructure projects local and state governments could not afford to support.

This recent blow is yet another challenge the construction industry has to deal with as its unemployment numbers hover around 19% (double the national unemployment rate). Contrary to skeptical opinions, funding mechanisms like stimulus funds and building bonds did bolster the construction industry and provide economic growth.

As Asphalt Contractor has reported over the years, the industry is resilient, and asphalt producers/contractors have always addressed the challenge of the day as an opportunity to deliver better solutions for building and maintaining cost-effective, high-quality safe roads.

When the energy crisis of the 1970s signaled our initial wake-up call for conserving precious natural resources, asphalt producers/contractors took the lead in recycling and have continued to find ways to focus on sustainable paving practices.

Today, the industry continues to explore better ways to deliver quality pavements while limiting the carbon footprint and use of valuable resources in the process of building and maintaining a road network that supports the business and recreational needs of a vibrant society.

We’re interested in hearing from you about significant developments that have helped shape the industry over the past 25 years. We know that technology and the commitment to provide the best product possible have certainly had a positive influence on shaping this industry and contributing to its forward-thinking reputation of building better roads in a way that will have a minimal impact on the environment.

Contact Asphalt Contractor’s Lisa Cleaver (lisa.cleaver@cygnusb2b.com) to share your story or thoughts on what you think has contributed to this industry’s success over the past 25 years.

We also hope to hear from you at the upcoming National Asphalt Pavement Association’s 56th Annual Meeting in Orlando Feb. 6-9. Lisa and I look forward to hearing about the industry’s significant milestones, and sharing those highlights with all of our readers. We plan to continue advocating the asphalt industry’s commitment to delivering a sustainable solution for building and maintaining quality roads for the next 25 years.

Greg Udelhofen, Editor