Pavement products September 2007

Pavement preservation equipment

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SealMaster CrackPro 125
The SealMaster CrackPro 125 oil-jacketed kettle and applicator is designed for hot pour cracksealing.

  • 125-gallon capacity
  • 13-hp Kubota diesel engine
  • Full sweep agitation
  • Heated hose chamber
  • Anti-splash loading hatch


Cimline HeatWave
Cimline's HeatWave Series of direct-fire melters are available in 30-, 90-, and 115-gallon capacities for economical, efficient, gravity feed cracksealing.

  • 90- and 115-gallon models feature auger-type sealant agitator powered by a 4-hp Honda engine for quicker melting times and uniform heating
  • Tube-fired heating system constructed of two single-pass flues
  • Unique spigot design includes lockout feature and positive valve closure and requires no heat treatment before pouring


Caterpillar RM-500
Caterpillar's RM-500 provides high productivity in both asphalt reclamation and soil stabilization applications where the mixing depth does not exceed 20 inches.

  • Three rotor options
  • Can be configured for different applications and depth specifications


VSS Minimac Slurry/Microsurfacing Machine
The VSS Minimac self-propelled slurry/microsurfacing machine is designed for paving applications in confined locations.

  • Double shaft Pugmill produces up to 1 ton per minute
  • Turning radius of 4.87 meters
  • Automatic materials sequencing
  • VSS Macropaver


Roadtec RX-400 Cold Planer
The?RX-400 is a 4-foot cold planer with a rear-mounted drum that allows the cut to be started directly in front of curbs, fences, walls or other obstructions.

  • Suitable for applications requiring a compact design, such as shoulders and other narrow milling projects
  • Milling widths of 2, 3 and 4 feet and a maximum cut depth of 12.5 inches
  • 172-fpm maximum operating speed
  • 325-hp Caterpillar C9 ACERT engine
  • Conveyor swing of 60 degrees to either side


Rosco RA-300 Spray Patcher
Rosco's RA-300 Spray Patcher features in-cab joystick controls.

  • One-person operation
  • 400-gallon heated emulsion tank
  • 5-yard aggregate hopper tank
  • Patch-on-the-go
  • Three-stage telescopic patching boom
  • Multi-function arrow board


Bergkamp M2 Series Slurry Seal/Microsurfacing Pavers
Bergkamp offers the M2 series of truck-mounted slurry seal/microsurfacing pavers.

  • Deliver a mixture of aggregate, emulsion, water and additives in a smooth layer over existing pavement
  • Designed to extend the life of the surface up to seven or more years


Bomag MPH122-2 Recycler/Stabilizer
A?more powerful engine and three new rotor options head the list of improvements that Bomag has made to its MPH122-2 recycler/stabilizer.

  • 482-hp Tier III-compliant turbocharged Deutz V6 engine
  • Three rotor options - a 91.7-inch-wide stabilizer rotor with Kennametal paddle-type teeth and a 19.7-inch maximum cutting depth; a 99.6-inch-wide universal rotor with a 16.5-inch cutting depth; and a 99.6-inch-wide universal rotor with bolt-on Kenna-metal tooth holders and a 16.5-inch cutting depth
  • 211-fpm maximum working speed
  • Integrated hydrostatic rotor drive


Process Heating Patch King
?The Patch King asphalt patchers heat mix to a precise temperature during the night.

  • Electrically heated - no propane
  • Automatic control - holds unused mix overnight
  • Hitches to trucks and ready to go in minutes
  • Thermostat control holds cold or hot mix from 50 to 350 degrees F
  • Comes in slip-in, auger fed or trailer models


Volvo MT-2000 Milling Machine
The Volvo MT-2000 is a four-track, front-load, half-lane milling machine capable of running both 78.75- and 86-inch drums.

  • 600-hp Tier III Cummins engine
  • Three distinct drum cutting speeds include?standard cutting speed, high-speed selection and deep-cut power bulge
  • 36-inch-wide gathering and discharge conveyors independently controlled with variable speed adjustment


Terex CMI RS425C Reclaimer/Stabilizer
The four-wheel-drive?CMI RS425C reclaimer/stabilizer features an enhanced drive locking system that divides oil flow between the front and rear drive motors, ensuring the machine continues to move forward?even if?one wheel loses traction.

  • Second steering cylinder added to rear for easier rear-wheel steering
  • Center-mounted rotor design
  • Repositioned fuel tank places more weight over cutter
  • Direct mechanical cutter drive with three cutter speeds
  • 96-inch cutting width at depths to 16 inches (19 inches optional)
  • 415-hp Tier III diesel engine


Wirtgen W 120 F Cold Milling Machine
The 280-hp W 120 F mid-sized asphalt cold milling machine has a 47.2-inch milling width and 12.6-inch cutting depth, making it suitable for removing complete asphalt courses to their full depth.

  • Optional Flexible Cutter System permits use of different milling drum widths and varying line spacings
  • Incorporates mechanical milling drum drive, hydraulic all-wheel travel drive system and hydraulically folding support wheel
  • Front-end loading of RAP via a two-part conveyor system
  • Optional Level Pro automatic leveling system