Preservation products September 2007

Preservation equipment

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Dynapac PL 500
Dynapac's PL 500 series of planers are highly maneuverable and hydraulically powered.

  • Three-wheel drive unit
  • For asphalt and concrete pavements
  • For cutting around manhole covers and general road maintenance
  • 14-inch working width
  • 4-inch cutting depth


Terex/CMI RS350 Reclaimer/Stabilizer
The Terex/CMI RS350 reclaimer/stabilizer from Terex Roadbuilding uses a single drum for both reclamation and soil stabilization projects.

  • Does not require permits for transport
  • Standard, four-wheel hydrostatic drive
  • Rear-mounted rotor design
  • Two cutter speeds, 100 and 150 rpm
  • 350-hp Cummins turbocharged diesel engine
  • Low- (zero to 170 fpm) and high-range (zero to 310 fpm) working speeds


Wirtgen W 50 DC Cold Mill
The 17,000-pound W 50 DC ("deep cut") cold milling machine boasts an 8.3-inch cutting depth and a standard drum diameter of 29.5 inches.

  • 123-hp Deutz diesel engine
  • Mechanically driven milling drum and standard rear loading conveyor
  • Flexible Cutter System allows for fast change of milling drums in the field
  • Spacious, ergonomically designed operator's platform


Volvo MT-2000 Milling Machine
The Volvo MT-2000 is a four-track, front-load, half-lane milling machine.

  • 600-hp Tier III Cummins engine
  • Three distinct drum cutting speeds: standard cutting speed, high-speed selection, and deep-cut power bulge
  • Can run both 78.75- and 86-inch drums
  • 36-inch-wide gathering and discharge conveyors are independently controlled with variable speed adjustment


Process Heating Patch King
The Patch King asphalt patchers heat mix to a precise temperature during the night.

  • Rotary auger model PK-40HSD features reversible rotary conveyor that is drivn by a hydraulic motor and supported by heavy duty ball bearings
  • Mix/anti-bridging device features separate hydraulic drive and controls
  • Wear parts, including auger and trough, are easily replaceable
  • Reversible auger feeds patch mix to work area to eliminate dump beds and hoists


Diamond Shield Fortifier
ADI Sealcoating's Diamond Shield Fortifier sealcoat additive from SGA Global dries from the bottom up instead of top down, so when it's dry, it's cured.

  • Dries in 2 to 4 hours, even in high humidity and lower temperatures
  • Cures as it dries
  • Eliminates power steering marks, reduces sand roll out, and makes sealer dry ultra black


Roadtec RX-400
Roadtec's new RX-400 is a 4-foot cold planer with a rear-mounted drum that allows contractos to start the cut directly in front of curbs, fences, walls or other obstructions.

  • For commercial work and completion of projects where a compact machine design is an advantage, such as shoulders and other narrow milling projects
  • Milling widths of 2, 3 and 4 feet and a maximum cut depth of 12.5 inches
  • 325-hp Caterpillar C9 ACERT engine
  • Maximum operating speed is 172 fpm
  • Conveyor swing of 60 degrees to either side


Caterpillar RM-500
The RM-500 provides high productivity in both asphalt reclamation and soil stabilization applications where the mixing depth does not exceed 20 inches.

  • Three rotor options
  • Can be configured for different applications and depth specifications


The TUFPADS Blues track pads are now available in a bolt-on style designed to save replacement labor and parts costs, as well as deliver 25 to 30 percent longer wear life.

  • Bolt directly to the pre-drilled triple grouser
  • Easily removed and installed
  • Reusable steel grousers
  • Now standard parts for all new Roadtec milling machines


Ray-Tech Infrared Total Maintenance Vehicle
The Total Maintenance Vehicle is designed for making complete, permanent asphalt pavement repairs.

  • Combination reclaimer and pavement heater can be mounted to an 18,000-lb. GVW truck chassis and up
  • Reclaimer available in 2-, 4- or 6-ton configuration
  • Rear-mounted infrared pavement heater is a dual system capable of heating an 8' x 6' area without burning or damaging the asphalt


VSS Macropaver 12B
The VSS Macropaver 12B features outputs of up to 4 tons per minute.

  • Hydraulic, fail-safe automatic sequencing
  • Simple, intuitive joystick controls
  • Centralized monitoring systems to easily visualize all materials information


KM 4-48 Infrared Asphalt Recycler
The KM 4-48 Infrared Asphalt Recycler can remove bird baths, lower high spots, repair catch basins and eliminate potholes.

  • Also for manhole repair, seam bonding, bridge deck repair, utility cuts and more
  • Four independent zones
  • Up to 48 square feet of infrared surface