"How To" and "Where To"

Pavement Editorial

No contractor needs us to tell him why he's in business or why he wants to improve his business. That's not our job. Our job is to help you along, so it's probably no surprise that this magazine (just like National Pavement Expo and National Pavement Expo West) has always approached the paving and pavement maintenance industry from a "how to" standpoint. Through articles about contractors, interviews with manufacturers, and columns from consultants our goal has always been to offer insights into "how to" grow or develop your business and improve your bottom line. And this issue is another good example of that. We start on page 10 by pointing pavement marking contractors in the direction of equipment that can convert a walk-behind striper to a self-propelled machine (or in one case a self-contained striper/tractor). When first introduced by Fine Line Industries this option was scoffed at by many striping veterans, but those contractors who did try them now wouldn't give them up (and many don't even get off the machine once it's on the job). It's an example of "how to" improve your productivity. But improving your business can also mean generating more revenue, and the article on page 18 takes a closer look at some of the products you can offer that can add value to your striping business (not that sealcoating or other types of contractors can't offer these add-ons too). But it's an effort to show you "how to" generate more revenue from each job. Plus, there's "‘Brand' New Marketing," page 30, which outlines U.S. Seal-Coat/U.S. Paving's approach to "how to" increase sales through a variety of their successful marketing efforts. We're "how to" from cover to cover, every issue.

But we're also "where to." Each May we publish our annual Dealer Directory (it came bagged with this issue) which helps you find dealers in your area or in the area you're working. We're the only ones who take the time and spend the money to develop this type of information, and for the first time the Dealer Directory is also available online at www.forconstructionpros.com/dealerdirectory for convenient year-long access. So when you're looking for information, whether on management, getting the job done, or buying, the place to go is right here - or online at www.forconstructionpros.com (click the Pavement tab). Because we're the "where to" for the "how to." You already know the "why to."