Pavement Preservation & Maintenance

Milling Machines, Cold Planers, Infrared Equipment, Asphalt Distributors And More To Help Preserve Pavement

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Bomag MPH362 Asphalt Recycler/Soil Stabilizer
Bomag's MPH362 rear-wheel drive asphalt recycler/soil stabilizer is powered by a 360-hp Cummins N14 water-cooled diesel engine.
• 187-fpm maximum working speeds
• Automatic Power Adjustment System (APA) automatically adjusts forward travel speeds to match application and material being processed
• Three rotor configurations
• 12-inch maximum cutting depth with recycler rotor; 14 inches with stabilizer rotor; 21 inches with deep stabilizer model

Caterpillar PM-201
Caterpillar's PM-201 features a 650-hp Cat C18 engine with ACERT technology.
• 83-inch rotor width
• 12-inch rotor depth
• 41,310-pound operating weight
• Load Sensing Propel System
• Choice of three rotor designs
• High capacity, versatile conveyor

Marini MP 1300 Cold Milling Machine
Marini's MP 1300 cold milling machine has a cutting width of 51 inches and a cutting depth of 12 inches.
• For removing old or damaged roads
• Front-loading foldable conveyor
• Cutting drum is mechanically driven through V-belts
• Interchangeable tool holders
• Center-position drum allows the operator to steer the rear tracks in order to reduce curve radius and mill near curbs

Roadtec RX-900 Cold Planer
The RX-900 cold planer is available with an 860-hp Caterpillar or optional 950-hp Cummins diesel engine.
• Three- or four-track assemblies
Cuts 14 inches deep and from 7 feet 2 inches to 12 feet 6 inches wide
• 42-inch front load-out conveyor
• Hydrostatic drive for propulsion and conveyor system
• Working speeds up to 128 fpm
• Proportional joystick controlled steering with coordinated, crab, front-only and rear-only modes

Marini MP 2100 Cold Mill
The MP 2100 cold milling machine has a 6-foot 6-inch cutting drum width and a milling depth to 12 inches.
• Cutting drum mechanically driven
• Interchangeable tool holders
• PLC with CAN-BUS technology provides real-time control of major machine functions
• 598-hp diesel engine

Terex RS800 Reclaimer/Stabilizer
The RS800's heavy, unitized mainframe with center-mounted 800-hp Caterpillar engine and cutter distribute the machine's 67,500-pound weight and horsepower for high production.
• V-belt driven
• Four-speed rotor transmission
• Full depth cutter for up to 20-inch cutting depth and 10-foot width

Wirtgen W 35 DC Cold Mill
The Wirtgen W 35 DC small milling machine is used for cold planing small areas for the partial rehabilitation of pavement, milling around manhole covers, and placing and removing road markings.
• Optional short conveyor
• Standard all-wheel drive
• Ergonomic design with operator's station located over the cutter drum
• 14-inch cutting width
• 4.3-inch cutting depth
• 82-fpm operating speed
• 10,031-pound operating weight
• 57-hp engine

Terex/CMI PR950 Roto-Mill
The PR950 Roto-Mill Pavement Profiler cuts up to 15 inches deep with a standard full-lane cutting width of 86 inches at working speeds reaching 170 fpm.
• 950-hp Cummins six-cylinder diesel engine
• Power-band, V-belt direct-drive system
• Quick-mount cutter design with optional 150-inch cutting drum
• Four steering modes
• 42-inch high-capacity conveyor swings 60 degrees to the left or right of center

Caterpillar PM-200
Caterpillar's PM-200 features a 575-hp Cat C18 engine with ACERT technology.
• 79-inch rotor width
• 12.5-inch rotor depth
• 68,122-pound operating weight
• Load Sensing Propel System
• Computerized monitoring system in operator's station

Wirtgen W 2000 Combo Cutter
The new W 2000 Combo Cutter milling machine can change drum widths easily from 24 to 36 to 48 inches in width.
• 565-hp engine
• For shoulder widening
Cuts zero to 12 inches deep
Wirtgen Type III Quick Change tooth holder system
• Segmented rear moldboard with independent control and side-shifted material discharge conveyor to maximize material flow

Dynapac PL 350 S Planer
The PL 350 S cold planer has a 4-inch cutting depth and a 14-inch working width.
• 60-hp Cummins B3.3 diesel engine
• 6,174-pound operating weight or 9,481-pound maximum weight with ballast
• Up to 82-fpm working speed and 3.6-mph transport speed
• 127-gallon water and 32-gallon fuel tank

DuraPatcher Road Repair Machine
The DuraPatcher pothole and road repair machine from Duraco Industries puts out emulsion and rock combination for permanent repairs in any weather condition.
• Operator friendly
• Repairs streets and highways
• Injection-type repair

SealMaster Pavement Maintenance Products
SealMaster offers numerous types of pavement sealers for specific applications, along with pavement repair products.
• SportMaster line of products for sport courts
• Complete line of pavement maintenance equipment such as squeegee machines, heated asphalt distributors, CrackPro melters and more

Bergkamp FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher
Bergkamp's FP5 flameless pothole patcher combines all the tools needed for pothole patching.
• Electrical heating system
• Air tack coat wand can blow out potholes and apply tack coat
• 5.1-cubic-yard hopper
• Rear and side spoils bins
• Optional propane hand torch

Haviland Sealer Squeegee
The Haviland sealer squeegee is a petroleum resistant neoprene squeegee.
• Heavy-duty steel frame and zinc socket
• Flip over for smoothing and light scraping
• For asphalt and concrete sealing

Airlessco Sure Stripe 4000
The Sure Stripe 4000 features a stainless-steel piston pump.
• .8-gpm walk-behind pavement striper
• Operator releasable front swivel wheel with Radius Memory
• Room for oversize containers
• 4-hp Honda engine with oil alert

SGA Diamond Shield Fortifier
The Diamond Shield fortifier from SGA Global is designed to dry from the bottom up instead of the top down, allowing users to open areas to traffic sooner.
• Sealer dries "ultra black"
• Improves film strength
• Dries fast in high humidity
• Reduces sand roll out

M-B Apollo Handliner
M-B Co.'s Apollo Handliner is designed for simple application of hot-melt thermoplastic markings.
• One-person transport
• Heavy-duty, rust-free aluminum construction
• Thermostatically controlled burners
• Automatic re-ignition of radiant die burner in windy work zones
• Fast color change

M-B Powrliner 4900
M-B Co.s' Powrliner 4900 offers sharper lines on pavement and turf.
• Hydraulic drive
• Slow-stroking long-life pump system
• Long-lasting striping tips

Maintenance Products
Maintenance Inc. offers its pavement maintenance products.
• Asphalt coatings
• Crack sealing and repair
• Pavement marking paints and stencils
• Recreational color surfacing
• Tools and accessories

Haviland Pouring Pot
Haviland's PP-2 is a 2-gallon pouring pot designed for repairing cracks.
• Drip-proof design
• Easily disassembled for cleaning
• 3/4-, 9/16- and 11/16-inch nozzle sizes
• Heavy-duty steel frame

Transpo Bondade
Transpo's Bondade asphalt binder additive is designed to enhance durability on hot and cold patch repairs, dry or damp holes, pavement overlays or cold joint emergency repairs.
• Can be sprayed or brushed on
• Contains no VOCs
• Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-combustible

Keizer-Morris 4-48 Infrared Asphalt Recycler
Keizer-Morris' 4-48 infrared asphalt recycler features a folding trailer design.
• Four independent heating zones recycle 8 to 48 square feet
• Straight forward, maneuverable, and cost efficient

Ray-Tech Infrared Total Maintenance Vehicle
The Total Maintenance Vehicle is designed for making complete, permanent asphalt pavement repairs.
• Combination reclaimer and pavement heater can be mounted to an 18,000-lb. GVW truck chassis and up
• Rear-mounted infrared pavement heater is a dual system capable of heating an 8' x 6' area without burning or damaging the asphalt

Newstripe Bantam XL Paint Striper
The Bantam XL Paint Striper from Newstripe can spray lines, curbs, car stops and stencils.
• 4-hp Honda engine
• 2- to 6-inch-wide lines
• 5-gallon low-pressure tank
• 125-pound weight
• Wetted section of spray gun easily disassembles for cleanup
• Gun can be rebuilt in the field

Asphalt Reheat Systems Split Box Infrared Heater
The Split Box infrared heater features chambers for 2x4 or 4x4 heat areas.
• 1- to 2-person asphalt repairs with ease
• Working temperature in minutes

Kasi Infrared Pro Heat 2000
The Kasi ProHeat 2000 infrared patching system includes a 48-square-foot Ultra glo pavement heater.
• 2-ton asphalt reclaimer
• Compactor lift
• Tool storage

Trackless Vehicles Infrared Heater/Generator
Trackless Vehicles Ltd. offers infrared asphalt heater/generators as a replacement for traditional propane asphalt heaters.
• Heater can be separated from generator frame in less than 5 minutes when not in use
• 80-hp generator produces 45 kW and 175 amps

Heat Design Infrared Heater Attachment
The Heat Design infrared skid-steer attachment is available in the following deck sizes: 8x4, 8x6, 8x8, 8x12, 8x16.
• Operates on liquid propane
• Vaporizer converts liquid from propane tank into vapor for better utilization
• No batteries or blowers necessary for operation
• Operate from 15 to 50 psi

Marathon HEPR36 Infrared Heater
The Marathon Equipment HEPR36 infrared heater is available in walk-behind or trailer-mounted designs.
• Various sizes and styles available
• For asphalt repairs, seams, high spots, etc.
• Stainless-steel infrared generators

Rosco SPRH-H Chip Spreader
Rosco's SPRH-H chip spreader features 10- to 16-foot spread hoppers.
• Automatic conveyor belts
• Hydrostatic drive and swing-over control console
• Automatic application rate control from operator's station
• Large 3.5-yard receiving hopper

Cimline Generation II Magma Series
Cimline's Generation II Magma Series melter/applicators features 110-, 230- and 410-gallon capacities.
• Superflex III heated hose
• Wand incorporates replaceable aluminum pipe, ball valve construction and trigger flow control
• Pump is mounted on the back of the unit in a heated cabinet
• New hose design, new wand construction and improved external pump design

Etnyre Chipsreaders
Etnyre's FWD and QUAD chipspreaders are designed to spread aggregate in the chip seal process.
• Computer-controlled application rates
• Front-wheel or four-wheel drive
• Fixed spread hoppers from 10 to 15 feet
• 148- to 230-hp engines

Bergkamp Slurry Surfacing Equipment
Bergkamp Inc. offers a line of slurry surfacing equipment, from truck-mounted pavers for slurry seal only, to truck-mounted pavers that apply both slurry seal and microsurfacing, to the continuous microsurfacing paver.
• Also offer a full line of support equipment
• Perform start-up services
• The SR10 features an electronic jackshaft, slide-out pugmill for easier cleaning, and an easy load fines feeder

Blacklidge Trackless Bond Coat
This new asphalt emulsion tack coat from Blacklidge Emulsions dries in such a short time, it leaves little opportunity for messy black marks on nearby roads, paint stripes or cars.
• While average tack coats take about 45 minutes to dry, the Trackless Bond Coat is trackless in 4 minutes after a daytime application and trackless at 7 minutes after a night application
• Application rate is the same as other tack coats, and the product can be applied with your regular tack application equipment

NewLife Liquid Pothole Filler
NewLife Surface Solution's liquid pothole filler is a liquid cold pour solution for potholes and cracks for asphalt or concrete pavement.
• Two-part mix is a blend of asphalt and polymers that creates a liquid, rubberized substance
• Can be applied in both warm and cold climates
• Repairs are drivable in 40 minutes
• Available in three sizes

Denver Pavement Maintenance Products
Denver Industrial Sales & Service offers several pavement maintenance products.
• PAVISEAL emulsified asphalt sealcoating
DISSCO RS-90 asphalt sealcoating
DISSCO MC, RC, and emulsified asphalts
DISSCO industrial asphalt coatings
• UPM asphalt patching materials
• UPM - KoldFlo cold-applied crack fillers

Midwest Rake Sealcoat Squeegee
Midwest Rake's sealcoat squeegee offers a 24- to 60-inch-wide neoprene blade.
• 1/4-inch-thick by 3-inch-wide neoprene with 55 durometer
• Aluminum clamping strip holds neoprene strip in place
• Reversible blade with straight edge on both sides
• 66-inch powdercoated aluminum handle
• 5-inch vinyl grip
• Wrap around brace design encompasses handle; made of high strength 3/16-inch aluminum
• Bolt passes through both braces and handle