Happy Anniversary!

Editorial for the January 2005 issue of Pavement.

With this issue Pavement begins its 20th year serving the pavement maintenance & reconstruction industry, and we're celebrating with a sleeker and more-inviting design that we think makes the magazine easier and more enjoyable to read — and hopefully even more helpful to you.

Over 20 years this magazine and industry (and National Pavement Expo, which is also celebrating its 20th year) have seen quite a few changes. And where 20 years ago we were a small publication striving to identify and carve out a niche to service, today Pavement is viewed by many as the leading publication in the pavement maintenance and reconstruction field. We worked hard to get here, focusing our "how to" efforts on contractors and their entire business, from management to technical work on the job. But we couldn't have done this on our own, so it's a good time to thank those who helped us. We can turn first to our advertisers, who supported us financially, recognizing we are their best way to reach their customers and prospects. Over 20 years Pavement has grown from a fairly narrow list of regular and potential advertisers to hundreds of companies who can rely on us to reach their market. We also extend thanks to all the contractors and consultants who have served on our Advisory Board, providing guidance on articles and seminars, magazine direction, and even stepping up to write or speak when the call goes out. And last, but certainly not least, we thank you, the readers, particularly the contractors, who long ago recognized that this magazine is yours. It's for you, it's about you, and you helped us by participating with us. You have always been willing to share your concerns and your solutions through us to others in the field, and that unselfish approach has helped the industry develop and become more professional. So keep it up; call us with questions we can turn into stories, with exceptional jobs we can profile, and with pavement maintenance insights others can benefit from. We'll always be happy to work with you.