Pavement Lists the 2013 Top 50 Pavement Repair Contractors

Pavement adds this new category to our revived Top Contractor Lists

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Pavement repair has become such an important element of the pavement maintenance business – to say nothing of the go-to option for cash-strapped property owners – that Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction added this new category to our revived Top Contractor Lists.

Four of the lists will be published in the June/July issue of Pavement, but you can check out the Top 50 Pavement Repair contractors now by clicking here. And you can learn some background about the survey by checking out the June/July Editorial.

But before you get too far into the Top 50 Pavement Repair List or any of the others it’s important to understand that each of these lists are an alphabetical list by industry segment of contractors who qualified based on total sales dollars within each specific segment. What they are not are lists of the “best” contractors in each segment. Just because a contractor is big and generates a lot of sales doesn’t mean the company has the highest quality or the greatest productivity. Many small companies can surely make that claim, just as many large companies can make it. These lists are purely sales-based and that’s something that should be kept in mind.

Also, these lists are not a ranking. The first contractor in the list doesn’t necessarily have the highest sales volume—that company is first only because it comes first alphabetically.

Here’s how the lists were determined: A company was first asked its sales total for Fiscal Year 2012. Then companies were asked to break that sales number down by type of work: What percentage was pavement repair, what percentage sealcoating etc. We then applied those percentages to the total sales figure like this: Company XXX reported $1 million in sales with 50% coming from paving, 30% from pavement repair, and 20% coming from sealcoating. We multiplied the $1 million sales total by 50% to determine that $500,000 of XXX Company sales were from paving; 30% x $1 million showed $300,000 in pavement repair; and 20% x $1 million showed $200,000 in sealcoating sales.

We then listed companies by sales volume within each segment, drew a line after the 50th company and then re-organized the companies alphabetically. The result is lists of the top-selling paving, sealcoating, striping, and pavement repair companies. (In the example above we would use $300,000 to determine Company XXX’s place in the Pavement Repair List.)

Click here to view the Top 50 Pavement Repair Contractors for 2013; for the Top Contractors in other categories check out Pavement’s June/July issue….and make sure to read the introductory analysis to learn some of what these Top Contractors have in common.