PRRC is Here to Help

I just got back in the office from attending the AEMA – ARRA – ISSA (also known as the Pavement Preservation & Recycling Alliance) annual meeting in Tucson, AZ. Besides meeting some really terrific, helpful contractors, I learned a lot of good stuff about pavement preservation and rehabilitation. One of the more interesting things I learned was about the partnership ARRA (the Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association) has with the recently formed Pavement Recycling and Reclaiming Center (PRRC). PRRC was established at CAL POLY POMONA in August 2010. The Center is a partnership between agencies, academia and industry. Seed funding for the Center was provided by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) through a $1million, three-year contract. According to its website, the "PRR Center is dedicated to the advancement of pavement recycling and reclaiming technologies through applied research, training and technology transfer. The purpose of the PRRC is to provide pavement design professionals and public agencies with the knowledge and tools necessary to use pavement recycling and reclaiming as a feasible and competitive alternative to traditional pavement maintenance and rehabilitation strategies." To learn more about its mission and to see the tools it has to help spread the word about pavement preservation, check out the PRRC website here. With all the emphasis on "fixing it first" and many agencies turning to recycling and reclaiming as a way to stretch valuable highway dollars, it helps to have these types of tools at your disposal to help you grow your business and maintain profitability.