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Paving Fabricand Geosynthetic Installation Machines and Roll Pullers for unloading trucks manufactured by Geotextile Apparatus Co. (GAC) began in 1980. Mounque " Monk" Barazone invented and received six U.S. and foreign patents and has patents pending currently. In 2012, a new patent pending paving brush was invented. The company's telescoping fabric installation machines install paving fabrics, fiberglass fabrics, grids and other synthetics. In 2012, GAC introduced a new patent pending 4" core revised larger Roll Puller RP4XL and will a new 3 in." model RP 3 XL in the summer of 2013.

GAC's fabric installation equipment is used in over 40 countries. It's patented features install synthetic materials faster, with less labor costs and increases efficiency and production while lowering overall production costs.

The Grizzly 600T installs up to 19.5-ft wide fabric and other synthetic rolls, Grizzly 600HT hydraulic Oil Truck System eliminates the tractor and operator costs placing the oil and fabric in one operation. Grizzly Cub300T installs up to 16-ft. wide fabric rolls. Both the Grizzly and Cub have multiple mounting options to a attach to a tractor replacing the bucket, clamp onto a bucket or do both or now have a quick attach for skid steers.

Roll Pullers protect workers from unloading injuries and used in multiples of of two to five can unload up to 21 rolls in one three minute operation. The new RP4XL is 4 inches longer and has a new patent pending tooth with a notch. This allows for pulling from deeper in the cardboard core with less possibility of the cardboard tearing. The cardboard bunches up in the notch adding additional strength coupled with 4 inches deeper insertion pulling groups of 3 banded rolls together is possible.

The new paving brushes use a thicker patent pending 335-degree high melt plastic that is 50 to 85 degrees higher than normal street brushes which melt at 250 to 285 degrees. Six additional rows of bristles account for 50 percent more plastic than normal street brooms. This provides a brush/squeege effect for contacting the fabric with the oil for a smoother wrinkle free installation and for all types of project sweeping. After a days work the brushes clean easily since they are not melted providing for a much longer lasting performance.

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Mounque "Monk" Barazone
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