GAC Grizzly 600T & 600TH

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Ga Clogoblack

The Grizzly 600T installs paving fabric virtually wrinkle free and installs paving grids, hybrids and composites with special options and roller system. The Grizzly 600T mounts to endloader arms replacing the bucket or clamps on the bucket or optionally mount both ways.

  • Patented heavy-duty dual bar frame, brushes and tensioning bars telescope for 6- to 19.5-ft. rolls
  • Patented sliding short roll middle arm for 1- to 10-ft. rolls centered or off-centered
  • Patented rotating spindle roll holders for cores 3- to 5-in. adjust tension on roll speed
  • Patented multi bar tension system and brushing design
  • Patent pending roller system for grids and stiff fiberglass hybrids
  • Oil truck mount system with Grizzly 600TH hydraulic telescoping model spreads oil and places fabric in one operation
  • Eliminates tractor, operator and move in costs
  • Six U.S. and foreign patents on 9 features
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