Variable Width Spreader Box

Provides microsurfacing flexibility on pavements with fluctuating widths

Bergkampvariable Width Sb 11575171
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The Variable Width Spreader Box (VSB) provides flexibility for microsurfacing contractors that work on highways, roads and other pavements where the width fluctuates throughout the job.

  • Two augers feed material to the center of the box while the other two evenly distribute the mix during placement
  • Augers remain equally spaced apart as the box adjusts for an even placement and a smooth finish
  • Available in 8- to 13-ft., 9- to 14-ft. and 10- to 15-ft. models with widths up to 16 ft. available
  • Made for Bergkamp pavers or can be customized for other brands
  • Connects to the paver’s hydraulic system and adjusts by using the levers located on the handrails of the box
  • Fully expandable hydraulically driven ribbon augers feature a 12-in. pitch
  • Primary and secondary strike-offs are designed to slide within a guide tube when the box expands or contracts while paving
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