BOMAG BM 2500/75 Milling Machine

The high-production BM 2500/75 cold planer from BOMAG is the largest milling machine in the manufacturer’s line.

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Big on production, the BM 2500/75 is a flexible half-lane mill that offers a range of standard, fine, micro and power drum designs to meet a variety of milling needs and is powered by a 771-hp diesel engine with efficient mechanical drum drive for the 98.4-in wide cutter to deliver cutting depths reaching 13.8 in.

  • The unit features three milling speeds – ECO (100 rpm); Universal (112 rpm); and Speed (131 rpm) – providing the optimum balance between productivity and efficiency with reduced fuel consumption and wear
  • Inner 35.4 -in. conveyor quickly channels material from the cutting drum to reduce wear and increase productivity
  • 60° left/right swiveling outer conveyor offers up to a 16.4-ft. discharge height and efficiently transfers millings to a truck on either side of the machine at rates reaching 285.3 ft3/min.
  • Four 76.8-in. long crawler tracks on the BM 2500/75 cold planer offer excellent traction, even in difficult cuts, with working speeds reaching 229.7 ft/min
  • All-crawler steering and crab walk offer superior onsite maneuverability, allowing the machine to navigate congested jobsites. 
  • Centralized location for major service points such as the air filter, cooling system, hydraulic test ports, fuel and oil filters, and engine delivers convenient access from the platform facilitates quick servicing
  • Significantly reducing fuel consumption for maintenance tasks, the new BM 2500/75 mill is equipped with a one-cylinder engine to provide supplemental power for refilling water tanks, tooth replacement and machine cleaning
  • Central machine positioning of the drum and operator’s platform afford excellent view of both milling edges, the working area and truck to improve safety
  • Rubber platform buffers absorb machine vibration to deliver more comfortable operation throughout the entire shift
  • Hydraulically folding conveyor significantly improves machine transport efficiency
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