IRF Offers "Preserving Our Highway Infrastructure Assets" Seminar

Event will include the examination of best practices, new case studies from the United States and abroad for aaffordable, safer, and environmentally friendly pavement preservation practices.

The deterioration of the pavement condition over time combined with the limitation of funds available for maintenance and rehabilitation creates a challenging problem. Pavement preservation plays a key role in addressing this problem. As the global leader in advocating for better, safer and environmentally friendly roads, and building upon the success of the first two seminars in 2009 and 2010, IRF invites you to the 3rd Annual Executive Seminar: "Preserving Our Highway Infrastructure Assets" in Orlando, FL August 3-5, 2011.

Last year's seminar fielded experts from over 16 countries who discussed and shared their expertise on the latest and best Pavement Preservation Solutions and Road Asset Management Practices. This year's event will include the examination of best practices, new case studies from the United States and abroad that are applicable to developed and developing countries.

The seminar will have a special emphasis on new technologies and innovative funding strategies to sustain pavement preservation . It will also look at new and existing tools available to help agencies manage their pavement networks. such as Pavement Health Tracking Tools and Environmental Impact indices. Utilizing IRF's international presence, the seminar will connect international transportation leaders with people at all levels of government and private industry to discuss challenges and cutting-edge solutions.

As part of a global effort to foster sound Road Asset Management & Pavement Preservation Practices, international lending organizations and donor agencies such as the World Bank currently provide loans and technical assistance to support the development and implementation of Pavement Preservations programs that will assist highway agencies and strengthen local commerce and industry.

To register and secure your seat for this timely and important seminar, visit here. For more information, e-mail Magid Elabyad.