ISSA Announces 2014 President's Award

ISSA's President’s Award is presented in recognition of contracting achievements which exemplify the highest quality of workmanship, and compliance with the best standards of practice.

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The International Slurry Surfacing Association (ISSA) is pleased to announce the presentation of its 2014 President's Award for Excellence to ISSA member VSS International, Inc., of West Sacramento, California. The announcement was made during ISSA's 52nd Annual Convention, held in Aventura, Florida; the award was presented by ISSA President Christine Deneuvillers, Colas SA, Magney-les-Hameaux, France.

ISSA’s annual President’s Award is presented in recognition of contracting achievements which exemplify the highest quality of workmanship, and compliance with the best standards of practice. Roadway projects submitted for consideration are judged on the merits of utility, appearance, schedule completion, customer satisfaction and safety. ISSA member VSS International, Inc. qualified for the Award after completion of its work with Mendocino County, California on their 2013 Multi-Layer Pavement Rehabilitation, DOT Project No. 120039.

Mendocino County is one of California’s original counties comprised of 3,878.14 square miles of Pacific coastline, Redwood forests, wine production, Indian reservations and pristine scenery. The County’s goal is to maintain 100 miles of road rejuvenation annually, although shrinking budgets have stressed the County’s ability to maintain proper road infrastructure. Maintaining 100 miles of County roads is not financially feasible, while sustaining pot holes, patch work, and crack filling, therefore alternative options were sought out.

The County has primarily used chip seals as surface preservation. The 2013 Mendocino County bid was originally contracted and awarded as a standard Chip Seal Resurfacing. However, after research and further education about the Multi-Layer Pavement Method from a VSS International Pavement Preservation Seminar in December 2012, the County requested their contract be converted into a Multi-Layer System – a financially feasible tool with equally long lasting characteristics.

The bid was finalized to place a total of 289,179 square yards of pavement preservation in Mendocino County’s city of Ukiah. The square yards were roughly:
96,393 SY of Type III Micro Surfacing
93,393 SY of Performance Graded (PG) 88-22 Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal with 0.5” Pre-Coated Chips
96,393 SY of Type II Slurry Seal

The project undertook three separate technologies that were each coordinated with several public entities (such as ambulance, fire, police, waste disposal) as well as residents. The project was well under the cost of removing and replacing the road and made use of environmentally sustainable technologies, which conserved materials and energy, while also incorporating recycled materials.
The roads designated by Mendocino County were chosen for their need for repair although still moderately structurally sound. This project is a great demonstration of how the combination of multiple pavement preservation technologies can be used together to rehabilitate roads which traditionally have been slated for reconstruction or rejuvenation.

The Project was completed on time, within the owner’s budget, with no safety issues and all pavement preservation techniques were within ISSA Guidelines and performed by VSS International, Inc. and their subsidiaries.
Contract Time: 42 Working Days
Working Hours: 7 am - 6 pm
Level I – Micro Surfacing – Leveling Course
The first step of the Multi-Layer process is the application of a Type III Micro Surfacing layer - this has the ability to act as a mass crackfiller while allowing minimal traffic disruption to the public. For Mendocino – the Micro Surfacing was used as a crack buffer – emulsifying cracks to create a leveled surface for the second layer – the Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal membrane.
Layer 2 – Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal – The Inter Layer Membrane
PG 88-22 Asphalt Rubber (AR) is a mixture of asphalt cement, reclaimed tire rubber, and certain additives, where rubber content is at least 15% (by weight) of total blend. The rubber reacts in the hot asphalt cement sufficiently to cause swelling of rubber particles, creating > 95% chip retention.

With a rate of recycling 10 million tires per year, the benefits of AR are creating a platform for the evolution of pavement preservation and extension of resources. Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal is one of the premiere technologies for recycling Ground Tire Rubber (GTR). The visco-elastic properties of the Asphalt Rubber binder allows for high application rates which results in a thick water resistant membrane and has enhanced stone retention properties.

Layer 3 – Slurry Seal – The Wearing Course
Slurry Seal or Micro Surfacing methods are the standard when it comes to cost effective Wearing Courses.
The principal materials in Slurry Seal are aggregate, asphalt emulsion, and filler, which are mixed together according to a specification design-mix formula.
With asphalt increasing in price, environmental pressures on the usage of aggregates, and high carbon footprints associated with re-constructing roads, the Multi-Layer System is the ideal method for conserving money, fuels, and materials, all while preserving the life span of roads and streets. Utilization of advanced materials, combined as composite systems, can reduce the inconvenience to the traveling public and provide the Agency a low-cost, effective strategy with long term performance. The use of the Multi-Layer Method is growing as Engineers and Agencies become more aware of the wide range of tools available to satisfy needs of the public, constrained budgets, and increasing environmental awareness. VSS International, Inc.’s continuing innovation in the Pavement Preservation industry and ability to successfully meet all challenges on awarded contracts, is a complete reflection of the ever evolving forward movement of Slurry Seals, Chip Seals and Micro Surfacing. Based on the email from our Mendocino County client, we hope to continue to successfully commit our expertise to educate and construct environmentally sustainable and cutting edge Pavement Preservation techniques.
Accepting the award for Valley Slurry Seal was Doug Hogue, Vice President, VSS Macropaver (sister company to VSS International, Inc.)