Manta Ray Asphalt Heater Trailer

Propane pavement heaters aim to reduce risk of burning asphalt, save fuel and heat the surface faster

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Asphalt Reheat Systems' Manta Ray pavement heaters use radiant blue-flame heat fueled by propane developed specifically reduce risk of burning the asphalt, save on fuel costs and heat the surface faster. Fuel and air is introduced to the box via a low pressure system, without need for an electric blower.

  • Trailer can be equipped with four independently run 4x4 heat panels
  • Heats 32 to 64 sq. ft.
  • Two optional heaters can be run as portable units independent of the trailer
  • Average heat time to pliable surface: 5 minutes
  • Built in, automatic 24-volt battery charger
  • Weight: 1,850 to 2,200 lbs.
  • Electric drive mechanism with variable-speed controller allows trailer to be maneuvered by one person

Literature: ARS Trailer Heaters Spec Sheet

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