Mini Melters

Availabe in a 30 gal. stationary model and a 10 gal. mobile model

Asphalt Melter Pavemade Hot Box 10 Dual Torch Direct Fire Crack Filler Blocks 720x
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Mini melters are portable, easy to setup, zero maintenance asphalt cracksealing machines.

  • Ideal for on site quick job
  • 10-gal. mobile push behind model
  • Optimize heat transfer pathway for the melter interiors so you have your asphalt heated and ready to go faster
  • Fits on your truck
  • Comes with six premium crack filler blocks
  • Fast heat up time
  • DOT / FAA approved extreme weather rubberized crack filler
  • Repairs 1,000+ LFT of asphalt cracks or concrete joints
  • HeatGuide installed for even heat distribution
  • Main torch, LeakGuard included.
  • Front torch increases bonding strength (Dual Torch model)

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