Sealer Mixer Storage Tanks

Neal Smt 11568255
Neallogo 2017

Neal Manufacturing, a division of Blastcrete Equipment LLC, offers long-term storage solutions for coal tar and asphalt emulsions with skid-mounted Sealer Mixer Tanks.

  • Manufactured with high-quality components and heavy-gauge materials for durability, reliable agitation and exceptional material transfer
  • Allows contractors to save money by purchasing material in bulk to store safely at their sites for quick and easy access
  • Formed with high quality I-beam or channel steel skids
  • Corner braces provide extra support to keep tanks securely fastened on skids
  • Storage tank agitators are manufactured with a solid steel shaft
  • Stronger designenables the unit to mix thicker materials and break up settled product to optimize mixing power
  • Exclusive offset agitation ensures two of the three blades are submerged in the material at all times.This is crucial when it comes to breaking up settled material
  • 100-tooth sprocket
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