HOTBOX 10E Crack Sealer

Hotbox 10 E Concrete Crack Filling Joining Digital Torch Temperature Control 720x
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The HOTBOX 10E melter applicator features digital temperature control that ensures thermostatically-controlled and evenly guided heat distribution and faster heat-up time (15 minutes).

  • Can be used to apply rubberized cracksealer (direct-fire or oil-jacketed), as well as bituminous marker adhesive for highway reflective markers
  • 10-gal. capacity for hot rubberized crack filler or bituminous marker adhesive
  • Push-button start ensures safer operation
  • Auto ignite on flameout
  • Features all-steel construction with 14-gauge, double-walled, air jacketed insulation
  • Accessories include an Electrofire control unit with 200,000-BTU digital torch
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