Neyra Force Sealer

A coal tar and asphalt-based sealer alternative

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Neyra Force sealer is a water-based petroleum resin pavement sealer that that company says is environmentally friendly and safe for workers. Neyra says the material is low-VOC, non-flammable coating that contains no coal tar – yet provides coal tar sealer benefits.

  • High-performance alternative to both coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers, “providing exceptional coverage, durability and color stability”
  • Proprietary engineered resin is formulated to create tough and long lasting protection
  • A tight seal forms an impenetrable barrier to protect against the destructive effects of sun, oxidation, water and chemicals, giving pavement a jet black color
  • Resists damage caused by gasoline, oil jet fuel leaks and spills
  • Engineered to perform at temperatures as low as 40°F.
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