Rayner PavementSaver III

Rayner Equipment Systems unveils the new PavementSaver III at National Pavement Expo 2017

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The new features of the PavementSaver III include a Control Area Network and an Autonomous Rate Control System.

  • Control Area Network (CAN) components make up the majority of the PavementSaver III’s control system, which benefits everyone – the owner, operator and mechanic. Features of the network include reduced wiring, IP67 environmentally-sealed components for greater durability and fast/easy system analysis. The control system constantly checks every switch, every coil, every indicator light for connectivity and functionality and alerts the operator as soon as any issues are detected
  • Rayner shows that it has taken the “work smarter, not harder” philosophy to heart with another industry first: the Autonomous Rate Control (ARC) system. ARC is a computer-controlled and pressure-managed spray system that applies sealcoating at any desired application rate an operator selects. ARC offers single-step calibration, precise application rates and a speed management system. ARC eliminates the guesswork on application rates. The operator only needs to answer a few basic set up questions and enter the desired application rate; the ARC system takes over from there and readies the machine for application. There's no timing, no weighing and no math. ARC adjusts material flow according to the desired application rate, speed and the number of nozzles being used (spray width) to apply a uniform coating. In addition, when spraying material, ARC changes the joystick output to give greater finite control to the operator. The result is a highly accurate machine that applies the volume of material you have designed for the project.
  • When the spray is set in “on” mode, the ARC system will limit speeds that could out pace a heavy application. In the spray “off” mode, ARC returns to the full speed range (up to 9 mph) for quick turnaround for high-production projects.
  • ARC constantly monitors all systems for possible deviations. If there is a potential issue, the ARC system knows before the operator. Warning lights and error codes point to the source of the problem, and in many cases, with plenty of notice to prevent down time.
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