Pavement Showcase 2006: Sealcoating

Sealcoating equipment, sealers, additives, and tools.

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ESSP 550-gal. Trailer

  • ESSP 50- or 100-gpm piston pump
  • 16 lbs. of sand per gal. capability
  • Once-a-year flush out procedure
  • Heavy-duty agitator drive with infinite forward/reverse
  • Hand wand and 75 ft. of hose

Neal Equipment LLC

Star-Seal Supreme

  • Based on refined coal tar, polymers and specialty chemicals
  • Latex hot blended during manufacturing
  • No rubber additives required
  • Resists oil, gas, salts and UV degradation
  • Rich, dark slate black color

Star Inc.

Pavement Sealer

  • Asphalt, acrylic and coal-tar
  • Nationwide manufacturing locations and distribution centers
  • Protection from chemicals, moisture and oxidation
  • Advanced polymer technologies available


Protectar Pavement Sealer

  • Coal tar emulsion sealer
  • Fuel resistant
  • Designed to not oxidize
  • Produced with colloid mill
  • Exceeds RP-355e specification

Vance Bros. Inc.

Skid Systems

  • Available in 550- to 2,000-gal. capacities
  • Use as a spray system or an on-site storage tank
  • Hydraulically driven piston pumps
  • Heavy duty, 3-blade, off-set agitation is hydraulically driven, variable speed, and reversible

Nealco Equipment LLC

Tarloc MPC

  • Primer for coating asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Improves adhesion of coal tar pitch emulsions to surface
  • Uses include oil spots, exposed polished aggregate, oxidized pavement and black-out paint

Southern Emulsions Inc.

350 Econo Trailer

  • High-density polyethylene tank - 1/2-in. + nominal thickness
  • 2-paddle, manual agitation system w/ 3/8-in. rubber squeegees; full-sweep, hydraulic agitation system optional
  • 1-in. dual-diaphragm pump w/ filtered air supply line
  • 75-ft., ¾-in., 300-psi application hose with 6-ft. aluminum spraywand

Equipt Mfg., Inc.

SP Series Equipment

  • Round tank design with true full-sweep agitation
  • Sand pumper material pump for dual capabilities; spray and squeegee
  • 300-gal. capacity
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Other equipment available as squeegee, spray, or dual systems, 200 to 1,000 gal.


SGA Diamond Shield Fortifier

  • Dries from the bottom up instead of the top down, allowing users to open areas to traffic sooner.
  • Improves film strength
  • Dries fast in high humidity
  • Reduces sand roll out

SGA Global

FASS-DRI Sealer Additive

  • Fortified with Sand Suspension Additive
  • Blackest color - toughest film
  • Available in 2-gallon pails
  • For coal tar, asphalt or blends

Maintenance Inc.


  • Seal-Pave Pavement Sealer
  • Latexite Recreational Coatings
  • Flexi-Trac
  • Service U.S. and Canadian Great Lakes Region
  • Distribute all related asphalt maintenance products

Surface Coatings Co.

SR-550 Skid Unit

  • Hydraulic agitation with variable speed forward/reverse
  • 30-gal. Emglo air compressor
  • 2-in. Wilden air-operated, dual-diaphragm pump
  • 3-gal. filter pot assembly
  • Hannay hose reel with 100 ft. of hose and 6½ in. wand


Sealer/Sand Spray Trailer

  • 500-gal. tank capacity
  • Hydraulic, variable speed operated, full-sweep agitator
  • High output, air-operated 1 1/2-in., dual-diaphram pump
  • High volume material 2-gal. EZ-Clean-Out filter system
  • Trailer or skid units

Asphalt Paving Equipment LLC

Water Meter

  • Small, light weight, fits in your pocket
  • Meter per gallon, up to 100 gallons
  • Fits onto any garden hose or standard water outlet
  • Resets easily after each use

Pavement Tools Mfrs., Inc.


  • Rubberized Polymer Additive
  • Meets FAA Specs for pavement sealer
  • Fortified with fast-drying additives
  • Rubberizes sealers for added strength and flexibility

Maintenance Inc.

Sealcoat Management System

  • Material dispensing monitoring system
  • Coal tar meters with electronic registers
  • Sand/sealcoat meters with electronic registers
  • "Pay at the pump" system design

Sealcoat Equipment Company (S.E.C.)

Application Squeegee

  • Serrated edge
  • 16-, 18-, 24-, 30-, and 36-in. lengths
  • Petroleum-resistant neoprene blade
  • Works with variety of material thicknesses
  • Available in 6 serration depths

Haviland Corporation

Combo Tack & Sealer Machine

  • Folds out to 6, 9 or 12 ft. wide
  • Can be towed behind a pickup, tractor or tank truck to pipe primer/sealer right into unit for continuous flow
  • Adjusts from 3- to 8-ft. for sealing
  • Stackable 300 gal. and 500 gal. tanks slide in pickup or flat bed

Tow Boy Co.

550 PolyPro Trailer

  • High-density polyethylene, 550-gal. tank
  • 22 in. x 24 in. manway
  • Full-sweep, hydraulic agitation with two-paddles with 3/8" rubber squeegees
  • 100' application hose with 6' aluminum spray wand

Equipt Mfg. Inc.


  • Increase ad response up to 14 times
  • Overcome area code confusion
  • Own multiple area codes in your state
  • Keep customers out of the phone book


Able Spray Sealcoater

  • Skid-, trailer- and truck-mounted units
  • 300- to 2,000-gal. capacities
  • Accessories include spray tips, blowers, hot crack melters, V-squeegees

Able Ind.


  • Construction aggregates
  • Asphalt coatings

Vulcan Materials Co.

ProMix Power/Spray Tanks

  • 550- and 750-gal. capacity
  • Power-agitated tanks with air-driven spray system
  • Truck or trailer mount
  • 30-gal. Emglo compressor
  • 1 1/2-in. Wilden diaphragm pump, up to 11 gpm
  • ProMix 1.5-gal. basket strainer

Pacific Coatings, Inc.

SC300 Seal Coater

  • 300-gallon ride-on sealcoat machine
  • Front-mounted drive motor
  • Contours of tank bottom conform to agitator
  • 3-wheel design for direct drive to rear wheels; allows for a "free" front wheel
  • 50-gal. stainless steel water tank

Layton Mfg. Co.

Easy Spray Sealer Pump

  • Sprays coal tar or asphalt bare sealers
  • Sprays from either a tank or a drum
  • Wilden M-4 pump
  • Emglo 9.4 cfm compressor
  • 8 hp Honda engine

Vance Bros. Inc.


  • For a monthly fee, all calls to 1-800-PAVEMENT in the area codes that you do business in will be routed to your telephone
  • Exclusive rights to the number in your region, membership in network that shares work throughout the country


Sealcoat Squeegee

  • 24- to 60-in. wide neoprene blade
  • 1/4-in. thick by 3-in. -wide neoprene with 55 durometer
  • Aluminum clamping strip holds neoprene strip in place
  • Reversible blade with straight edge on both sides
  • Wrap around brace design encompasses handle; made of high strength 3/16-in. aluminum

Midwest Rake Co.


  • 550-gal. tank with three independently operated mixer paddles on 1 1/2-in. shaft
  • Variable speed valve for control
  • 18- by 24-in. manhole with splash lid
  • 25-ft. air hose with crack cleaner wand

Asphalt Equipment, LLC

Seal Coat Sprayer

  • 10-gal.-per-minute pump
  • Spray wand with 100-ft. hose and tip
  • 4-in.-diameter filling hole
  • 1-in. drain pipe under tank

MTL Fabrication / Montreal Sealer

Trailer Systems

  • 550- and 760-gal. capacities
  • Hydraulically driven piston pumps
  • Heavy duty, 3-blade, off-set agitation is hydraulically driven, variable speed, and reversible
  • Dual axle trailer design

Nealco Equipment LLC

Amguard A.E.

  • Concentrate asphalt emulsion pavement sealer
  • Polymerized asphalt resins for added durability
  • Formulated specifically for commercial application

Bonsal American

SR-700 Trailer with Blower on Deck

  • Enclosed tongue and front deck
  • Hydraulic agitation with variable speed forward and reverse
  • 30-gal. Emglo air compressor with 13-hp electric start Honda
  • 2-in. Wilden air-operated, dual-diaphragm pump, 3-gal. filter pot
  • Rubber wipers keep tank inside clean


Amguard S-250

  • Concentrated coal tar sealer
  • Colliod milled for wearability and consistency
  • Excellent durability
  • Resists gasoline and oil penetration
  • Protects pavement from oxidation

Bonsal American

X-10 Pavement Sealer

  • 50% solids content
  • Meets or exceeds federal specifications
  • Continuous quality assurance testing

The Extendit Co. Inc.

Black Elixir Additive

  • New molecular chemistry for coal tar and asphalt sealers
  • Up to 80% faster curing, jet black color
  • Better suspension of aggregates
  • Reduces power steering, tacking marks
  • Resistant to oils, fuels, grease, chemicals

Allstates Coatings Co.

GemSeal Rejuvenator

  • Coal tar rejuvenator
  • Meets FAA Engineering Brief 44 for asphalt pavements
  • Penetrates and rejuvenates oxidized asphalt binder in hot mix pavements
  • Protects pavements with fuel resistant surface

GemSeal Inc.

Pavement Maintenance Products

  • PAVISEAL emulsified asphalt sealer
  • DISSCO RS-90 asphalt sealcoating
  • DISSCO industrial asphalt coatings
  • UPM asphalt patching materials
  • UPM - KoldFlo cold-applied crack fillers

Denver Industrial Sales & Service Co.


  • Heavy duty coal tar sealer
  • Tough, durable and flexible
  • Meets RP-355e, USAF, FAA and State specifications
  • Protects pavement from water, salts, gas oil and petrochemicals

Star Inc.

Brewer Cote

  • High solids content
  • 100% coal tar emulsion
  • Colloid milled for consistency
  • Less filler
  • Jet black color

The Brewer Company

Skid-mounted Spray Rig

  • Variable speed control agitation
  • 4 paddle full sweep reinforced rubber attached to agitation
  • 1 gal. strainer basket
  • 24 in. double manhole cover w/safety grating attached
  • Custom units from 300 to 2000 gals. on skids, trailer, or your vehicle cab and chassis

Keizer-Morris International

Asphalt Emulsions

  • Manufacturers all blends of asphalt emulsions
  • Tack
  • Prime
  • Slurry seal
  • Microseal
  • Chip seal applications
  • GemSeal's parent company

E.A. Mariani Asphalt Co.


  • Pre-mixed asphalt emulsion
  • Provides slip resistant surface for walkways, playgrounds, parking lots and traffic areas

Western Colloid

Neyra Pave Shield

  • No-burn, asphalt-based emulsion formula
  • High volume of suspended solids
  • Designed to be scuff- and weather resistant

Neyra Industries

Ceramic Tips

  • Built eliptical
  • Made of ceramic

USA Tips