Sealcoating Growth Aids August 2009

These materials and equipment can help you grow your sealcoating business.

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Carbon Plex Envirosealer


  • Polymer modified sealcoat
  • Passes RP355E fuel resistant test
  • Dries in two hours
  • No tracking or buring effect


Blacklidge Emulsions

ColorPave HD Decorative Coating System


ColorPave HD Decorative Coating System

  • 100% acrylic coatings
  • Nine earthtone colors
  • Ideal for driveways, walkways, cart/jogging paths, parking areas, etc.
  • Fortified with aggregate for slip resistance and durability
  • SealMaster



Diamond Shield Original


The new Diamond Shield Original (DSO) is a concentrated, dry formulation that treats 300 gallons of raw sealer. The "Active-Cure" seal coat additive has no viscosity modification, but DSO can be used with the viscosity modifying Diamond Shield Fortifier (DSF) if desired.


Diamond Shield Fortifier



  • 300-gal. capacity
  • Material pumped by Versa-Matic clamped metallic dual diaphragm pump and Jenny 8-gal., 8-hp compressor
  • Hand agitation via 3 to 1 reduced crank
  • Standard Nealco manway, surge tank, 6-ft. handwand, and 75-ft. hose


Nealco Equipment LLC

FSA-AD Fast Sealing Additive


FSA-AE Fast Sealing Additive

  • For asphalt emulsion based sealers
  • Cuts drying time in half
  • Stops tracking
  • Improves bonding


Maintenance Inc.



  • Triple-action, ultra-fast drying additive for sealcoatings
  • Reduces drying time by 75%
  • Excellent sand suspension and uniform textured appearance
  • Longer-lasting, tougher coating performance


Star Inc.

Model X1-300


Model X1-300 is a 300-gal. capacity, dual rear wheel drive self-propelled sealcoating unit. Powered by a 24-hp Honda engine, it features an 8-ft. hydraulic angle squeegee, water tank, 4-in. material valve, 1 1/2-in. agitator shaft, reversible agitation, and a large capacity water fog system.


N.I. Wilson Mfg. Co.



SR-700 trailer with blower on deck

  • Enclosed tongue and front deck
  • Hydraulic agitation with variable speed forward and reverse
  • 30-gal. Emglo air compressor with 13-hp electric start Honda
  • 2-in. Wilden air-operated, dual-diaphragm pump
  • 3-gal. filter pot assembly
  • Hannay hose reel with 100' of hose and 61/2' spray wand
  • Rubber wipers keep tank inside clean
  • Front decks on all trailer systems
  • Extended deck option to hold 30-gal. melter and propane bottles
  • Heavy gauge steel tanks resists cracking and loss of shape
  • Seal-Rite



Super Sealcoater


Crafco's new Super Sealcoater is available in 550- and 800-gal. capacities. Features include an over-sized hydraulic system, a locking lid with a sand grate and inner splash lid, a 35-gal. water tank with pump and variable/reversible hydraulic speed control.


Crafco Inc.

TR 550 Pro-Air System


  • Dual diaphragm material pump
  • 13-hp Honda engine
  • Direct-drive forward/reverse agitation
  • Safety Breakaway System