PCTC to Sponsor Free Seminar at NPE 2016

The Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC) is sponsoring a “how to” seminar on counseling customers about sealcoating at the 2016 National Pavement Expo, Jan. 27-30 in Charlotte, NC. The seminar, scheduled for 8:00-9:30 AM on Friday, January 29, will be free to NPE attendees.

Sealcoating parking lots is an effective method of extending pavement life and enhancing property appearance. But in recent years contractors have faced an additional challenge – in the wake of media reports on potential adverse health effects allegedly associated with sealcoat, contractors have been asked to justify and explain the process to their customers. Property managers want to be educated about why sealcoating is a good investment in maintaining and protecting their pavement asset. At the same time, customers may be concerned by what they have heard about environmental issues.

In this free session, developed specifically for NPE contractors by PCTC, sealcoat applicators will learn how to deliver the message of the effectiveness of sealcoating in extending the useful life of asphalt pavements at the lowest cost. Applicators will also learn to discuss potential health and environmental issues in ways that are both meaningful and understandable to their customers. The seminar will feature a discussion of the importance of Best Management Practices to enhancing customer satisfaction leading to repeat business.

Seminar topics will include:

  • Property managers' concerns and how best to address them,
  • Sealcoating “Best Management Practices” that will improve your work in the field and enhance your reputation, and
  • How to address the health and environmental issues that have dogged the sealcoating industry in recent years.

PCTC’s website (www.pavementcouncil.org) is a tool an applicator can use to help stay informed. Each of the seminar presenters will guide applicators through using PCTC’s website to upgrading your sealcoating knowledge. So while you’re in Charlotte, be sure to take advantage of this free opportunity.

For NPE details and a complete description of "Talking to Property Managers about Sealcoat," visit www.nationalpavementexpo.com beginning in July.