Gooseneck Trailer Spray System

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Neal Manufacturing, a division of Blastcrete Equipment LLC's ESSP Gooseneck spray system has the new ESSP Smart Pump. The gooseneck configuration allows for larger payloads, and the standard extended trailer comes with an enclosed brush box, storage deck with ramp, and tool rack. The ESSP Smart Pump is fully electronic with a solid state microprocessor, no moving controller parts, and a high pressure 100 gpm hydraulic piston pumping system. Available in 550-, 750-, or 1,000-gal. capacities.


• 550-, 750-, or 1,000-gal. material capacity
• More weight on towing vehicle for safer operation
• ESSP 100 gpm Smart Pump spray system
• Brush boxes, tool rack, equipment storage with ramp

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