DISSCO RS-90 Cutback Asphalt Sealcoating / Rejuvenator

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RS-90 was engineered to penetrate the pavement surface and rejuvenate the surface by replacing the oils and binders that the sun and weather bake out of the pavement through time.

  • RS-90 is a liquefied bitumen consisting of select grade asphalt binders and plasticizers blended with a fast drying petroleum cutter stock
  • Can be used on old asphalt, new asphalt, shoulders, curbs, chuckhole patches, and also as a tack coat
  • It may also be used to black out pavement markings, any asphalt markings, and in any asphalt maintenance program requiring superior sealing and binding characteristics at a low cost
  • May be applied using a standard asphalt distributors and or hand held spray wands supplied by standard tack pots
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