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The Light Duty version of the Nealco Hot Tack Applicator allows users to be ready to apply material in as little as 40 minutes.

  • Dual bypass valves allow circulation through the piping system to keep the material hot and avoid clogging
  • 3-in. stainless steel thermometer shows at-a-glance when it's ready for spraying
  • Return funnel and cradle keep the hose and wand circulating, so when you go back to spraying, your material is at temperature and the tip is not clogged
  • When you're done for the day, simply flush the pipes by opening the solvent tank valve and spray into the waste tank for disposal
  • The 550 model is also available as a Heavy Duty System, with electronic flame control, jacketed material pump, insulated hose and wand, and an optional hose jib so you don't drag the hose over your work
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