Bioseal Usda00

BioSealcoat is a soybean-based asphalt sealcoat that often allows pavement contractors to seal, stripe and reopen lots for same day traffic.

  • Along with increased operational efficiency, BioSealcoat provides extreme resistance to gasoline, oil and other motor fluids that cut through conventional sealers
  • This eco-friendly sealer also exhibits superior UV resistance, allowing it to maintain a uniform jet-black appearance longer than asphalt emulsion or coal tar sealcoats
  • BioSealcoat delivers exceptional performance without use of any detectable polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), known human carcinogens found in traditional sealcoating products, according to EPA testing
  • As a result of its sustainable formulation, BioSealcoat does not feature the familiar harsh tar and petroleum odors found in coal tar and asphalt emulsion based sealers
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