International Slurry Surfacing Association Launches Outreach Program

ISSA Launches "Preserving Roads: Smart Now & Tomorrow" Out Reach Program to Education Transportation Agencies

ANNAPOLIS, MD –The International Slurry Surfacing Association (ISSA) recently launched its “Preserving Roads: Smart Now & Tomorrow” outreach program to educate federal, state and local transportation agencies about the value of pavement preservation. It also explains why the slurry and micro surfacing, chip sealing and crack treating processes should be included in their road programs. These processes have been proven to extend the life of roads, save money and have an environmentally sustainable impact. As part of their outreach program, ISSA has updated its “Pavement Condition Index” that graphically shows the life-cycle and cost-benefit analysis of pavement preservation processes when compared to common road maintenance practices.

When applied at the proper time, slurry and micro surfacing, chip sealing and crack treating extend the life of roads, save money and are less harmful to the environment than traditional road maintenance techniques. According to ISSA’s “Pavement Condition Index”, using any of these three pavement preservation processes, alone or in a combination, can extend the life of roads by up to 7 years or more using half as much of a city’s budget when compared to reactive maintenance techniques. In addition, BASF’s recent “Micro Surfacing Eco-Efficiency Analysis” report shows that micro surfacing consumes 40 percent less primary energy, uses 50 percent less resources by mass and has 45 percent lower green house gas emissions than a traditional road maintenance method. ISSA’s “Pavement Condition Index” is available on its website and the “Micro Surfacing Eco-Efficiency Analysis” report is available at BASF.

“Preserving roads at the right time with the proper and proven sustainable preservation treatments will help extend budgets while improving the environment,” commented Pierre Peltier, ISSA’s 2011-2012 President. “ISSA and its members can help identify the best opportunities for DOTs on where, when and how to use slurry and micro surfacing, chip sealing and crack treating, by themselves or in a combination, to deliver the best results.”