Schwarze Industries Helps Veterans Through "Adopt-A-Solar-Panel" Project

Program participants demonstrate their patriotism and sustainability regarding economic and environmental issues by sponsoring part of a solar panel installation destined for a veteran based nonprofit organization.

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Schwarze Industries has become a sponsor of a solar panel array that will make a positive impact on the lives of U.S. veterans and our environment.  

By joining SolarCure's "Adopt-a-Solar Panel" Marketing Program, Schwarze sponsors a solar panel that will be installed as part of a complete solar array on the roof of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6061 thus truly making a lasting difference in the lives of Veterans. This solar panel installation will provide extra income through SRECs and generate free and clean energy for at least 25 years. With reduced or eliminated electricity bills, it will allow the VFW to allocate more funds toward their organization's mission and re-invested back to Veterans. 

The "Adopt-a-Solar-Panel" Marketing Program  

By helping our veterans and the environment, each program sponsor adds purpose to their profit by creating a brand with social impact. 

The "Adopt-a-Solar-Panel" marketing program reduces U.S. carbon emissions through the use of renewable solar energy by providing Veteran nonprofits with 100% free Solar Panel installations sponsored by private and public companies. 

In addition to the fact that non-profits can generate additional income through SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits), each solar installation also helps create and sustain jobs for civilians and veterans in our country.  

When asked how it feels to simultaneously help our veterans and the environment, Greg Heyer, Schwarze Industries VP Sales & Marketing, said "We're able to help the environment and the veterans at the same time with this great program. It was a unique situation for us and one that we are excited to be a part of."  

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